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The 2012 phenomenon was a range of eschatological beliefs that cataclysmic or otherwise transformative events would occur on or around 21 December 2012. This date was regarded as the end-date of a 5...

What Will Happen in 2012? The Truth About 2012 Predictions


Find out the truth behind 2012: Planet X, the Mayan Prophecy, planetary ... said the Sumerians had identified a twelfth body called Nibiru with a 3600-year orbit.

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Mar 17, 2012 ... Published on Mar 17, 2012. comments not fasing ... How the sun will die : and what happens to earth? ... December 21 2012 What Will You Do?

What's going to happen on December 21st 2012? (Intermediate ...


Jun 27, 2015 ... Will the world end on 21st December 2012 because of the end of the Mayan calendar or ... This 52 year cycle has is called a Calendar Round.

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Short · Garry Fuller is a community-college student who has a chance of transferring to a university. However, if he does, what would it mean for his relationship ...

December 21 2012 | The Beginning of the End


NO,The world did not end in 2012, but the world as we know it did. Just as the Mayans predicted, Dec 21 2012 marked the The Beginning Of The END. ... Coming economic crash will be worse than 2008 · Climate-Chaos ...

Mayan apocalypse did not happen but more predictions say world ...


Dec 21, 2012 ... But you'll have to wait at least six years for the Earth to be destroyed. ... 15:28, 21 Dec 2012; Updated 19:53, 21 Dec 2012; By Steve Anglesey ... So the Mayan apocalypse didn't happen after all, despite our best ... Incredible pictures show abandoned 107-year-old Empire building once scaled by Human Fly ....

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Jan 1, 2015 ... In March 2012, on the floor of the United States Senate, Mike Lee ... At the time, the unemployment rate was 8.1% and had been between 8.1% and 8.3% for the entire year. ... It's gonna be gut wrenching, but it will happen.”.

Predictions that the end of the world will happen after the year 2020


By the year 2020, the very widespread apocalyptic predictions for 2012-DEC-21 will have faded from most people's memory and there should have been ...

Predictions of the end of the world in December, 2012


Reviews of books and videos describing the year 2012 prophecy. bullet ... bullet, Predictions that the end of the world will happen shortly before 2010. bullet ...

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Beyond 2012: Why the World Didn't End - NASA


Q: What is the origin of the prediction that the world will end in 2012? ... nothing happened the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012 and linked  ...

What Will Happen in 2012


There's much information and predictions for the coming 2012 year coming to light. Find out what will happen in 2012.

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What will happen in 2012 will vary for each soul and their spiritual journey, and it will ... The year 2012 was precisely calculated astronomically by the advanced ...