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A pangram or holoalphabetic sentence is a sentence using every letter of a given alphabet at ... A perfect pangram contains every letter of the alphabet only once and can be ... An example is the ph...

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There is no word. But, this sentence has all the letters of the English alphabet. The quick brown ... This type of sentenve is called pangram, or holoalphabetic sentence, is a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet at least once.

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Aug 5, 2010 ... ... is a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet at least once. ... this 26- word-long sentence uses every letter only once, though it uses ...

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uses every letter of the alphabet! The sentence “Pack my box ... Goddessship is the only word in the English language with a triple letter. A moment is defined as  ...

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Mar 2, 2011 ... ... that contains every letter in the alphabet, so which word contains the most? ... as this question here expressly allows letters to be repeated.

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BORED? Play our free word games – INTERACTIVE HANGMAN ... Everybody knows one or two pangrams (sentences that use every letter of the alphabet).

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Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there are no particularly clever 26 letter pangrams in English. Constructing a sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet ...

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What is the name for a sentence that contains All 26 Letters of the alphabet? ... Are there any Word containing the same letter three times in a row? • Are there any words that Rhyme ... Does Bimonthly mean twice a month or every two months?

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that has every single letter of the alphabet but there is a shorter one which is ... Actually there are perfect sentences, but they contain weird, obscure words.

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Oct 11, 2010 ... (Our trusty alphabet isn't the only part of language that has changed — October .... The letter “i” was used in words which we now spell with a “j. ..... If we had a different symbol for every distinct sound in the English language, ...

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In terms of sheer size, however, the longest word to be found in Britain is the Welsh place name ... Or you may be interested in: What is the longest English word containing no letter more than once? ... Unusual words with surprising meanings.

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May 26, 2007 ... What is the one word with all 26 letters of the alphabet in it - trivia question / questions answer ... Example: Albacore has the letters a b c in it.

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Aug 13, 2010 ... What is the longest word you can come up with that is a real English word .... The longest words with no repeated letters are dermatoglyphics, ...