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Saudade is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one ... Saudade is a word in Portuguese and Galician (from which it entered Spa...

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Dec 12, 2014 ... It may be something that will happen to the person who is having the feeling ... It is about something catastrophic which the person feels is "going to happen in a few minutes". ... Or, if it's really bad, "I have a sense of five-boding. .... The first definition on Webster's site is "a stron...

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Something that is certain or likely to happen - synonyms or related words. Using the thesaurus · certainty. noun. something that will definitely happen or that you feel very sure about ... noun. someone or something that is likely to do or cause something, especially something bad ... something that is definitely going to happen...

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Advanced Search; List Builder; Random Word ... If something doesn't "bode" well, it means that the future doesn't look good. A foreboding is a glimpse or a feeling that bad things are going to happen. It's a premonition, or look into the future.

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Define ominous: suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the ... It is ultimately derived from the Latin word omen, which is both an ancestor and a ...

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Synonyms for bad feeling at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms , and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

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Aug 18, 2014 ... to our discussion on language and words. ... MEANING: noun: A sense that something is going to happen, especially something bad. ... from pressentir (to have a premonition), from Latin pre- (before) + sentire (to feel).

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Sep 10, 2009 ... Read the sentences and decide if the idioms describe feeling good or bad: ... 2 - Which idiom means 'feel something bad is going to happen':.

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In other words, your “now” feels like it has already happened. ... When you experience deja vu, it feels like you know what's going to happen a second or a ... Don't confuse deja vu with feeling like you have done something before when you ...

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Its the feeling of being completely, hopelessly, desperately in love with someone, ... let your heart go through the agony, so you can hold onto something- I don't know, maybe hope? ... Can you define these popular missing words? ... or just hope and pray that you get over them, neither of which are prolly going to happen .

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Any suggestion for words indicating in their meaning "a feeling, sensation so on that something's gonna happen"? ... Text: a feeling that something bad will happen <she had a premonition that her cat would somehow get hurt ...

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But if you're not feeling like an '80s guitar hero, the green plaid jacket is a nice alternative. ... the Cheshire Cat bemuses her when he tells her to go two directions at once. ... Assume and presume both mean to believe something before it happens, but ... Bad guys don't like these words because they often describe jail ...

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Answer this question… Submit. Ads. Answered by The WikiAnswers<sup>®</sup> Community. Making the ... bad is going to happen? Expert answer by oo oo. Confidence votes 49.4K. The feeling that something bad is about to occur is a " foreboding .".