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There are entirely too many people who have absolutely no regard for the rights of others. ... would choose to ignore the rights of other people every chance they had. ... What would happen if you pulled a weapon or firearm on a law enforcement ... Without laws, we would return to a feudal society where people will kill,maim ...


Society began without laws, and people had to come together to create them. ... So the answer to your question would be that people would create laws to maintain order and to maximize survival in their ... Is there "rule of law" in Mainland China? ... We call it “jungle,” also known as survival of the fittest.


chaos of what would happen in your city? ... You know, all through the Bible we .... In your own words, what would happen to this world if there were no laws.

May 15, 2012 ... In this video we cover the subject of: The world without laws. If you don't like it... Go away :) Songs: You are a pirate You are a pirate: Alestorm ...


It is impossible to act unlawfully if there are no laws to break. ... I do not know how this could happen but that would eliminate the need for Law Enforcement. ... Your society still has rules, they're just enforced by non-government entities. ... it's not a significant leap from some technologies that we do have.


Oct 6, 2012 ... Rules such as "we own it" prevent them from forcing their fantasy of utopia onto others, which is possible only if the state owns us. When the ... Can any of us remember when such a government would not have been tolerated? Some of us can ... All of us can remember when there were no 2,000-page laws.


Think , and I mean really think about all the laws we have. Now ... If there was no law, there would be no crime. ... This is what I think might happen. ... I'd form my own militia and we'd take rule of the surrounding communities.


But have you ever wondered what might happen if there were no rules and no ... All rules, laws, police, courts, teachers, principals, and governments have .... Since we never knew exactly when that would be, we had to wait around a lot.


Nov 30, 2011 ... Imagine There's No Law; It's Easy If You Try ... We would, of course, need some way of protecting that private property, of settling ... in places like Egypt and Tunisia — is the idea that if people really don't like the rules enough, ...