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The Roman Empire fell on September 4, 476 when Roman Augustus, the Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, was deposed by Odoacer, a German chieftain.
The Eastern Roman Empire, i.e. the Byzantine Empire, continued until the Fall of Constantinople in 1453.

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Fall of the (Western) Roman Empire, 476 ... of the Third Century in which 26 men were declared Emperor by the Roman Senate over a fifty-year period. .... Antony and Octavian's division of the Ro...

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Apr 8, 2011 ... The reasons for the fall of the empire include the rise of Christianity and Islam ... In 'The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire', Edward ... from war- torn eastern Ukraine last year killing all 298 people on board.

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The Fall of Rome and the End of the Roman Empire in the west. ... Alaric didn't want to sack Rome, but he did want a place for his Goths to stay and a suitable ...

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There were several reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. Each one ... were not occupied by the poor since these living quarters rented for about $00 a year.

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Feb 17, 2011 ... The Roman empire in western Europe - a centralised superstate which had ... What difference did this political revolution make to real life in the ...

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It might be better to ask, "Did Rome fall?" ..... The final days of the Roman Empire are usually assigned to the year 476 CE, when the German general Odovacar ...

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Assuming Rome was an organic entity, how did it die, not how did it fall? ..... was crowned by the Bishop of Rome as "Holy Roman Emperor" in the year 800AD.

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The Roman Empire was one of the greatest civilizations in history. It began in Rome in ... This timeline highlights the major events in the history of Ancient Rome. ... 476, End of the Western Roman Empire and the fall of Ancient Rome The last ...

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Apr 12, 2012 ... While the Western Roman Empire fell to barbarians in 476 CE, the .... Civilization did not fall when the barbarians were let into their midst, just ...
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Jan 14, 2014 ... In the late fourth century, the Western Roman Empire crumbled after a nearly 500 -year run as the world's greatest superpower. Historians have ...

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The invading army reached the outskirts of Rome, which had been left totally undefended. In 410 C.E., the Visigoths, led by Alaric, breached the walls of Rome  ...

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The fall of Ancient Rome started from about AD 190. The Roman Empire was attacked by tribes such as the Goths and the Vandals. Civil wars in parts of the ...

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The Roman Empire began when Augustus Caesar became the first emperor of ... and initiated the period of social unrest known as The Year of the Four Emperors. .... The theory that Christianity was a root cause in the empire's fall was debated ... on as simply `the Roman Empire', it did not much resemble that entity at all.

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Above are some questions received repeatedly by e-mail and in the bulletin board. Hence they have been answered here to make things easier both for the ...