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Twix is a chocolate bar made by Mars, Inc., consisting of biscuit applied with other ... Twix was called Raider in mainland Europe for many years before its name was changed in 1991 (2000 in Denmark...

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The Twix candy bar was invented by Forrest Mars Sr. The candy bar, consisting of twin sticks of shortbread individually topped with caramel and covered with ...

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I was a little girl when the commercial came out, and I also remember ... Sadly, the peanut butter Twix made today just doesn't taste the same to my jaded taste ...

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Twix is a popular candy bar that was first manufactured in Great Britain in the 1930s. ... For the succeeding years, the chocolate bar was launched in the different ...

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Apr 3, 2009 ... In 1979 the Twix candy bar was finally made available in the US sporting a ... the Twix brand occurred in 2007 when Mars, Inc in Europe started ...

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Nov 26, 2005 ... When I find myself in Europe, it's called Raider there, possibly it was called ... Twix® is a candy bar made by Mars, Inc. consisting of a cookie ...

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Dec 13, 2011 ... In the year 1967, Twix was first produced in the United Kingdom and in 1979 it was introduced in the United States. Twix is a candy bar which ...

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Sep 22, 2016 ... You know a Twix is delicious, but do you know where its name ... name in 1937 when it began to be marketed as the Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp.

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Oct 2, 2012 ... And now, as you are staring at this girl at the bar, some 15 years later, you are trying .... I believe they came out w these when twix were made.

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The biggest highlight that made the candy so popular was the two Twix bars as ... The Peanut Butter Twix was originally released in 1983, only four years after ...