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A bone is a rigid organ that constitutes part of the vertebrate skeleton. Bones support and protect the various organs of the body, produce red and white blood  ...

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Where would you be without your bones? Learn more about the skeletal system in this article for kids.

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May 2015. To understand osteoporosis, it is important to learn about bone. Made mostly of collagen, bone is living, growing tissue. Collagen is a protein that ...

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Dec 7, 2016 ... What are bones? What bones do; Your skull; Your spine; Your ribs; Your arms; Your legs; Your joints; Dr Kim says; Interesting 'boney' facts ...

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Bones in our body are living tissue. They have their own blood vessels and are made of living cells, which help them to grow and to repair themselves. As well ...

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The main component of bone is bone matrix, which is a mixture of a fibrous protein called collagen and carbonated hydroxyapatite, an inorganic compound ...

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Information about human bones: types, pain relief, names, what are bones made of, names of bones.

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Kids learn about the science of bones and the human skeleton. How the skeletal system supports the human body and protects it from harm.

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Have you ever seen fossil remains of dinosaur and ancient human bones in textbooks, television, or in person at a museum? It's easy to look at these and think ...