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Unpaid Wages - Workplace Fairness


My employer is not paying me the minimum wage. ... These laws may impose penalties on employers who do not comply with the law, and may even provide for ...

What To Do When Your Employer Just Stops Paying You - Lifehacker


Jun 12, 2015 ... If your employer suddenly stops paying you, either with a promise to ... First: An Employer Failing to Pay You Wages for Your Work Is Illegal.

What Can I Do When My Employer Is Late Paying Me? | Chron.com


If your employer fails to pay you final wages by the time mandated by the state, contact your state labor department for its policies on filing a wage claim.

Payday Laws and Your Right to a Timely Paycheck - FindLaw


State payday laws determine how frequently an employee must be paid, but ... in writing) and ask for the wages owed to you; If your employer refuses to do so, ...

What are your rights when employers don't pay up? | Money | The ...


Jun 28, 2012 ... A persistent failure to pay employees could be a signal a company is ... If your employer is a partnership or sole trader, then your options would ...

Legal Consequences of Not Paying Employees on Time - The Balance


Attorney Michael Helfand discusses the legal obligation of employers to pay employees, and what happens if employees are not paid.

The consequences of willful failure to pay payroll taxes


May 31, 2014 ... Employers are required to withhold payroll taxes from employees' ... The penalties for failing to pay over trust fund taxes can be severe and ...

Employer and Employee Responsibilities - Employment Tax ...


Dec 9, 2016 ... Employers who do not comply with the employment tax laws may be subject to criminal and civil sanctions for willfully failing to pay employment ...

Problems getting paid - Citizens Advice


If you think your pay is wrong or you haven't been paid, the best thing you can do is talk to your employer to find out why. If you and your employer can't agree on ...

What if My Employer Doesn't Pay Me Everything?


When an employee performs work, an employer must pay the employee the full ... When an employer fails to pay as required, an employee can file a civil lawsuit ...