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What to Eat When You Have the Flu
The flu can drain our energy and also take away our appetite. Many foods seem unappealing when we are ill. It is important to stay home, get plenty of rest, and to take it easy as our body recovers from the flu and its symptoms. Our body and digestive... More »
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Having flu may affect your appetite, but are there certain foods that are good to eat for flu symptoms? Read more about vitamins and nutrients to help with flu ...

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Oct 3, 2012 ... Try one of these 10 best foods to eat when you have the flu to help you relieve your symptoms and speed up your recovery.

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Water is the best fluid to drink when you have a cold or flu as it helps lubricate the mucous ...

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Read on for five common foods that will help you fend off the flu this season (1/6) ... Garlic contains compounds called allion and allicin, which have direct antiviral effects, says Bryan Rade, ... Still not in love with idea of eating raw garlic? Add a ...

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Sep 14, 2014 ... Here are 5 home remedies you can use to fight your flu. For more health and medical information, visit www.medicalobserverph.com.

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Ask the Dietitian what to eat when you have a cold or the flu. Feed a fever or starve a cold? Ask Joanne Larsen, registered dietitian and nutrition therapist.

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Feb 15, 2014 ... By Cindy Shih Even when you've done your best to fight off the winter blues and miserable flus ... What to Eat When You Have the Flu - WebMD.

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If you're in pain or have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or other symptoms due to a stomach bug or food poisoning, you'd do anything to ... avoid-to-eat-stomach-flu.

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People with the stomach flu often have symptoms of diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, fever, headache, and sore muscles. Depending on the type of virus you  ...

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If you have the flu, you may be wondering if there's a special diet to help you feel better. After all, you've heard the old saying, "Feed a cold, starve a fever.

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Photos of top foods for when you have the flu. WebMD shows you soothing, nutritious foods to try at home to help you feel better as you treat flu symptoms.

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Jan 8, 2015 ... We came up with two simple eating plans--one for the cold, one for the flu--to help you shake the symptoms, fortify your immune system and ...

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Jan 22, 2013 ... You may not feel like eating at all, but there are some foods that will help during your ... When you have a fever, drink fluids to avoid dehydration.

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Oct 5, 2015 ... "So one of the worst things to do if you have a fever is not eating, ... calorie intake when sick not only increases susceptibility to the flu, but also ...