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Oct 6, 2016 ... When your dog has a cold, it's important to provide him with the proper care, and home ... Dog Home Cold Remedy #3: Give Plenty Of Fluids.

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Winter isn't the only time of year we have to worry about "catching cold," but it is the primary time for it. Did you also know that your dog can down with this ...

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Most dogs will get over a simple cold within about a week without any ... This won 't cure your dog's cold, but it may help ease the symptoms and make him or her more comfortable. .... How Do I Know When My Dog Is Ready to Give Birth?

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Sep 28, 2008 ... Dogs with colds are often lethargic, sneeze, cough and have a poor appetite. Treat a dog with a cold with tips from a veterinarian in this free ...

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Mar 18, 2013 ... Taking care of a dog whenever he or she is sick is a very important ... and give him some natural home remedies for dogs that have a cold?

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Aug 14, 2015 ... We do not recommend giving your dog over the counter cough and cold medicines since they can easily be overdosed. You could give your ...

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Just like us humans, a dog will catch a nasty cold when their immune system isn't working well. A pet's susceptibility is the primary factor,

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It is not easy to treat a dog from cold but proper assistance can cure the ... By the way if your dog gets a cold, don't give him alcohol, it'll make ...

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Jun 28, 2011 ... What do do if your dog catches a cold. While the cold virus is not the same in dogs as it is in humans, meaning we won't pass the cold to each ...

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Feb 17, 2015 ... The typical dog or cat cold resolves within seven to ten days, but if you're ... Give your pet a dog spa day if you're feeling especially lovey.