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Burns and Electric Shock-Home Treatment - WebMD

First aid burn treatment for minor burns at home. ... Do not put ice or butter on the burned area, because these measures do not help and can damage the skin ...

Home Treatment for Second-Degree Burns-Topic Overview - WebMD

Nov 14, 2014 ... Put on an antibiotic ointment. Ointments such as Bacitracin or Polysporin can be used each time you clean the burn. Do not put sprays or butter ...

Thermal (Heat or Fire) Burns Treatment: First Aid Information for ...

Learn emergency first aid for treating minor and life-threatening burns. ... Put out fire or stop the person's contact with hot liquid, steam, or other material. Help the  ...

Burns: First aid - Mayo Clinic

Cool the burn to help soothe the pain. Hold the burned area under cool (not cold) running water for 10 to 15 minutes or until the pain eases. Or apply a clean ...

11 Surprising Home Remedies for Burns | Reader's Digest

The cure to relieve burn pain, speed healing, and prevent scarring is as close as the next cabinet over. Read on for the best natural home remedies to heal a ...

First Aid: Burns -

Then put on an antibiotic cream, or other creams or ointments prescribed by your doctor. Cover the burn with a dry nonstick dressing (for example, Telfa) held in ...

Burns: Types, Symptoms & Treatments - Healthline

Aug 13, 2014 ... The best way to fight burns is to prevent them from happening altogether. Certain jobs put you at a greater risk for burns, but the fact is that most ...

Natural Treatment of Burns - Dr. Weil

Wash chemical burns with large amounts of water and remove any clothing that has been splashed by the chemical. Don't put anything other than water on the ...

Minor burns - aftercare: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

You can care for minor burns at home with simple first aid. ... If this is not possible, put a cool, clean wet cloth on the burn, or soak the burn in a cool water bath for ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What to put on burns?
A: Do not apply anything to the burn until the heat has left the injury site. This could be for hours after the burn. Putting most creams over the burn, including ... Read More »
Q: What do you put on a burn?
A: If the burn is very recent, you can immerse the burn in cool running water for 10-15 minutes in order to lower the temperature and stop the burning process. Bes... Read More »
Q: What should you put on a burn?
A: Run it under cold water then put neosporin and aloe vera lotion on Read More »
Q: What do I put on a burn?
A: Soak the burn in cool water. Then treat it with a skin care product like aloe vera cream or Read More »
Q: What should you put on a burn?
A: Not Medical Advice: WebMD says aloe vera is commonly put on a burn, to ease the pain and help it heal. Read More »