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By the late 1990s, the fraudulent aspect of phreaking all but vanished. Most cellular phones offered unlimited domestic long ...

Whatever Happened to the Phone Phreaks? - The Atlantic


Feb 20, 2013 ... Phone phreaks demonstrated that the mundane telephone could become a gateway to virtual adventures which spanned the globe, ...

The History of Phone Phreaking -- FAQ


A phone phreak is someone who loves exploring the telephone system and ... Phone phreaks spent a lot of time dialing around the telephone network to ...

what today's hackers owe phone phreaks - The Verge


Feb 5, 2013 ... Hackers, phone phreaks, engineers, they all like puzzles — they like ... and I happened to start reading the phone phreaking article on Wikipedia. ... or something like that — whatever you're looking at, it always seems to me to ...

TELEPHONE DEVICES-red boxing, phone phreaking, telephone ...


Change your Caller ID to whatever you want displayed on the phone your are ... If installation of this device happens to be on a business line, the potential ...

Long Distance - Radiolab


And when he got good at decoding those sounds, he became the grandaddy of a whole movement of like-minded obsessives known as "phone phreaks.

The article that inspired Steve Jobs: “Secrets of the Little Blue Box”


Oct 7, 2011 ... The original granddaddy phone phreak was this blind kid with ... Somehow a phone phreak discovered that the toy whistle just happened to ..... But whatever you do, don't let this get into the hands of the radical underground.".

The definitive guide to Phreak Boxes


This box does offer an "escape route", by lowering the voltage on the phone line. ... hour the Fone Co. gets suspicious, and then you can guess what happens.

Phun with Phones: 3 ways to phreak Android, iOS -- GCN


Aug 8, 2013 ... Phun with Phones: 3 ways to phreak Android, iOS. By William Jackson .... Link rot : What happens when the internet isn't forever · Tool would put ...

Stalking Victims Sanctuary • View topic - Phone Phreaking


It happens more often with my cell phone than with my land line but some ... Can anyone give me a link to a phone phreaking site that will explain ..... He can make a VoIP phone display whatever caller ID number he chooses.

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Whatever Happened to the Phone Phreaks? | Hacker News


My obsession with phone phreaking in the 90s was because it was the ..... tape loop, emitting the desired number of beeps to represent whatever sum was due.

Twilight of the Phreaks: The Fates of the 10 Best Early Hackers ...


Mar 9, 2012 ... But what happens to a tech community when it grows up? ... EasyWriter, by longhand during one of his multiple stints in prison for phone fraud.

Joybubbles, 58, Peter Pan of Phone Hackers, Dies - The New York ...


Aug 20, 2007 ... Joybubbles was a blind genius with perfect pitch who played a pivotal role in the 1970s subculture of “phone phreaks.”