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Knowing an inmate's release date can be useful for many reasons. ... Others will provide a phone number you can call to find out release dates and other ...


A prisoner can be released on a Home Detention Curfew up to 135 days prior to the ... four years are eligible for HDC and certain offences are automatically ruled out. ... the power to impose up to 42 extra days in prison for each finding of guilt.


Some states will show a photo, crimes committed, length of sentence, inmate age , sex, race, release dates, and more while some state will give ... Every day, over two million prison inmates sit in their cells waiting for the mail to ... Having a pen pal can help inmates make the change that keeps them out of prison in the future.


A prisoner shall be released by the Bureau of Prisons on the date of the expiration ... the service of the prisoner's sentence, beyond the time served, of up to 54 days at ... under conditions that will afford that prisoner a reasonable opportunity to ... information that may be useful to the committees in determining if the Bureau is ...


To assist them in determining whether information is available, the following ... Most inmate searches will result in a date being posted in the "Release Date" field ...


Jun 21, 2015 ... But he had to get from the Metro stop to a shelter. ... “When I was in the shelter and walking out there on a hot sunny day, three miles to Social ...


Jul 6, 2017 ... Any release prior to your maximum release date will be an early release. ... staying out of trouble, avoiding fights, and obeying prison rules.


Find out what the terms remission and temporary release mean and the rules in ... jurisdictions prison conditions and safety can be a major cause of concern.


Nov 1, 2015 ... NPR Books · Author Interviews; Find Books; Reviews .... Heard on Morning Edition ... Thousands of federal inmates are getting out of prison because of a change in the way the ... Will they all be released straight from prison?