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Acting is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who ... Before Thespis, the chorus narrated (for example, "Dionysus did this, Dionysus said that"...

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Acting began in Athens around 534 B.C. While attending a public festival, the bard Thespis jumped onto a wooden cart and read poetry while pretending he was ...

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This is why, to this day, actors are often referred to as thespians. ... As acting history evolves, the old, declamatory, style of acting did not die out completely until ...

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The earliest origins of drama are to be found in Athens where ancient hymns, called dithyrambs, were sung in honor of the god Dionysus. These hymns were ...

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Well in ancient Roam the King would have people try to entertain him,(had no tv) so people would act out story's about the hardships of there life. this seemed to ...

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Learn everything we know about Shakespeare's acting career. ... London to begin his career, he was nevertheless an established actor in the great city by ... The other, whom at that time I did not so much spare as since I wish I had, for that, as I ...

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Many aspiring actors want to know how old is too old to start an acting career. This is a common question because with most jobs, there's always a line which ...

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The origins of Broadway history in New York did not begin until 1750 when Thomas Kean and Walter Murray opened a theater company on Nassau Street.

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actors. The life of an actor changed dramatically during. Shakespeare's lifetime. At first actors toured ... they toured England, but companies did also go abroad,.

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This is a interesting question because there are many people who still don't consider it a .... How did Karisma Kapoor start her acting career? Should I quit my job ...