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Although some mainframe, minicomputers had been designed as single-user systems in the .... End users generally did not directly interact with the machine, but instead would prepare tasks for the co...

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This is likely the first example of remote access computing. .... Tracks on the drum did the mathematical integration. .... At MIT, researchers begin experimenting with direct keyboard input to computers, a precursor to today´s normal mode of ...

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Sep 8, 2015 ... The history of computers starts with industrial and governmental needs ... of the computing language and users begin connecting to the Internet ...

The History of Computers, Who Invented them and When did it Start?


Oct 13, 2014 ... Discover a timeline of the history of computers to find out where it all began, where it is today, and all steps in between.

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However, it is my understanding that at one stage in the history of computing, they did not regularly have monitors at all, and all output was from ...

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Apr 26, 2014 ... Personal computer history doesn't begin with IBM or Microsoft, ... The first personal computers, introduced in 1975, came as kits: The MITS Altair .... The Pentium III arrived on the scene in 1999, as did the AMD Athlon, which ...

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In 1980, more than one million personal computers had been sold and by the mid -1980's, this figure had risen to 30 million. How did this come about?

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I searched on wikipedia (I know, wiki, isn t the most reliable source) that the first mechanical computers were around 1940. But I m not talking ...

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Today's personal computers are drastically different from the massive, hulking machines that emerged out of World War ... However, it really did not do much.

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May 30, 2014 ... The term "Word Processor" was initially coined by IBM in the late 60's. The first word ... When did personal computers begin replace typewriters in American households and what advances in technology made the revolution ...

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First mechanical computer or automatic computing engine concept ... In 1942, Konrad Zuse begin working on the Z4 that later became the first commercial ...

History of Computers


This chapter is a brief summary of the history of Computers. It is supplemented ... The transistor promised to solve all of these problems and it did so. Transistors ...

History of Computers in Education


1946 - First vacuum tube-based computers developed; universities help in computer ... 1962 - Airlines begin to use a computerized reservation system.