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History of the Catholic Church


After the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476, the Catholic faith competed ... who was sent from Rome to begin the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons, and, ...

The Plain Truth about the Roman Catholic Church


The Roman Catholic Church claims to have started in Matthew 16:18 when Christ supposedly appointed Peter as the first Pope. However, the honest and ...

How The Catholic Church Started - Our Catholic Faith


With this answer, Jesus established the Catholic Church with Simon Peter designated the first Pope. "Blessed are you, Simon ... How Did Your Church Begin?

How Did the Catholic Church Begin? | thebereancall.org


But as an evangelical, you know, I tried to read some things with regard to the early church and how certain things developed into the Roman Catholic Church,  ...

Where and when did the Catholicism begin? | Evidence for Christianity


Aug 11, 2010 ... Answer: I will assume you are talking about the Roman Catholic Church. There is also the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church and the Coptic ...

When did the term "Roman Catholic Church" first come into being ...


Answer. It is not possible to give an exact year when the Catholic Church began to be called the "Roman Catholic Church," but it is possible to approximate it.

What is the origin of the Catholic Church? - GotQuestions.org


Is the Catholic Church a mixture of true Christianity with other non-Christian ... Answer: The Roman Catholic Church contends that its origin is the death, ...

Why did Catholicism start and when did it happen?


Sep 18, 2015 ... Why did the religion Catholicism start and what year did Catholicism start? ... The Roman Catholic church is not at all like the Orthodox Catholic ...

The Catholic Church; When was it founded


ROMAN CATHOLICISM. The largest of the Christian denominations is the Roman Catholic church. As an institution it has existed since the 1st century AD.

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Q: When did the Catholic Church begin?
A: The Church began on Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles. That was the day they began spreading the "good news" or gospel of Jesus Christ... Read More »
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Q: When did the "Catholic" Church begin?
A: Hey! I'm a protestant and it looks like I was out argued about the start date by about 30 years but who can actually argue that the Catholic church displaced Ch... Read More »
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Q: When did the Catholic Church Begin?
A: That is far from the true. The Catholic Church was first recorded in St. Ignatius of Antioch letter to the Smyrnaeans. In that Apostolic Letter, he wrote; Chapt... Read More »
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Q: When was the catholic church began?
A: Long after the death of Christ, and after the church of Antioch. Read More »
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Q: Where did the Roman Catholic Church began?
A: The Roman Catholic Church, also known as the Catholic Church, was founded by Jesus Christ in 33 AD. It officially began after Jesus ascended into Heaven on Pent... Read More »
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