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Aug 9, 2010 ... Always try using "I" or "me" in the singular, for the same sentence. .... Going by the rules you should say It is I. Through widespread use, ...

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Both I and me are 1st person singular pronouns, which means that they are used by one person to ... If you're having trouble deciding which one to use in a particular sentence, here's a hint: Take out the other person, and it should be clearer.

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Do you sometimes struggle to know which of these pronouns to use? ... noun Clare, forms the subject of the sentence, so you need to use I rather than me.

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Jan 16, 2012 ... This is the sentence: "Dan stayed with me and Julie during the show." Or should it be: "Dan stayed with Julie and I during the show."? ... I remember which to use by considering exactly what you said: I think of it in terms of one ...



It should be “Jim and I” because if I were slopping the hogs alone I would never say ... If you refer to yourself first, the same rule applies: It's not “Me and Jim are ... party from the sentences where you feel tempted to use “myself” as an object or ...

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You don't need to learn how to diagram a sentence to be able to learn the rules of grammar ... Let me help you use pronouns correctly without any unnecessary jargon. ..... Jane, would it be correct to say “it wasn't I” instead of “it wasn't me”?

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Fortunately, there's an easy way to decide whether to use I or me in such sentences. All you have to do is drop the word you then try the sentence with I and me ...

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Feb 4, 2013 ... I understand how to use I or me in a sentence, but in a short ... of a word that is not there: idear instead of idea, tornader instead of tornado, etc.

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Dec 3, 2013 ... Between you and me...no, I...no — just take the picture. ... And then she said, " Sorry for the grammar." ... "'My friends and me' should be 'my friends and I,'" she said. ... just "me" or "I." So here's another simple rule: the only time you use the ... people i...

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Jun 26, 2007 ... Learn whether between you and me or between you and I is correct. ... You use I because the pronoun is the subject of the sentence, and I is the subjective pronoun. ... How to Use "Myself" and Other Reflexive Pronouns ... ''to Betty and me'', and 'Betty and myself took a walk with Tim''...

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If you are not good with grammar concepts like subject and objects, there is still a ... And whatever you do, please don't use a subject pronoun and object pronoun together! .... I believe this is why so many people always use I instead of me.

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Usually it's easy to decide which one to use: I like it! She hit me. Give it to me. You use "I" as the subject of a sentence, and "me" as the object. In most sentnces ...

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Feb 9, 2015 ... When relating a story, do you wonder whether to say, "Hector and I ... If you're trying to determine which pronoun to use in a sentence with a ...