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Jun 27, 2004 ... knowing it would have resulted in a statutory rape charge just a few hours earlier. [. ... Some media organizations tried to mask the Olsens' coming of age in ... and Ashley Olsen turned 18 was highly anticipated since the twins.


To me the concept of waking up as an Olsen twin would send me ... But I'm way to old to be worrying about when someone is going to turn 18.


Jun 13, 2004 ... The girls will be able to vote and buy cigarettes. Their 18th birthdays also mark the end of an era for the Olsen Twins Countdown Clocks, the ...

Jun 25, 2008 ... The day Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turned 18 was probably the greatest day of our lives. http://www.liquidgeneration.com/6387a459 ...


Jun 11, 2004 ... Their 18th birthdays also mark the end of an era for the Olsen Twins ... "When they turn 18, I will do the dance of crap, because there goes a lot ...


Jun 5, 2004 ... A generation of US teens has grown up with the cute celebrity Olsen twins. Now they are turning 18 and sex enters the equation. Can they ...


Dec 4, 2013 ... The Olsen twins have been in the entertainment industry since they were .... " There is a countdown clock waiting for a girl to turn 18 so they can ...


Jun 9, 2003 ... Twins May Be Billionaires Before They Can Vote. ... "A New York Minute," which will be released in spring 2004, shortly before they turn 18.


Jun 13, 2014 ... To celebrate the Olsen twins' 28th birthdays, we took a trip down memory lane and counted down ... Today, our favorite twins turned 28. ... All my friends will tell you I love running around in kimonos and jewelry or naked with jewelry. ... PHOTO: Bob Saget and Mary Kate Olsen appear on the Oct. 18, 1994.


Jun 13, 2016 ... Today is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's 30th birthday. ... creepy men everywhere were excited for the Olsen twins to turn 18. ... Holiday in the Sun follows the girls to the Bahamas where they make enemies with Megan Fox.