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Drinking Milk After the Expiration Date
Chances are most of us can confess to pulling a carton of milk out of the fridge, frowning when noticing the expiration date has passed and then unscrewing the lid to subject it to the "smell" test. When milk is pasteurized, most of the truly harmful bacteria... More »
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Apr 21, 2015 ... Some common traits of bad milk are discoloration, lumpy texture and a very ... What if you have extra and don't want it to spoil and go to waste?


Twenty states do have some rules with dating for milk products, but they're all slightly ... always need to be made by the consumer to keep the milk from going bad. ... it seems that whole milk tends to go sour while skim milk tends to go bitter) .


Aug 17, 2011 ... How do you know if you're throwing away milk too early—or too late? ... the smell test isn't all that accurate until quite a bit of time after milk has gone bad. ... So it's actually a good guideline to go with, despite what your cheap ...


Dec 6, 2012 ... We're both all for stretching every dollar, but at times we draw the money-saving line at different places. Like the milk expiration date.


Aug 10, 2012 ... You can't smell most forms of spoilage; if it smells bad then it probably is, ... Milk, being left out that first time takes quite a long time to go sour.


Jul 18, 2010 ... There is a lot of variability in how fast milk will go bad. .... Sigh. Why can't everyone just do what the USA does. ;) – hobodave Jul 19 '10 at 3:01 ...


Mar 27, 2016 ... silk milk expire. This is true for cow's milk too, but you won't always find it on the label. GRRR. As you see, milk — soy, almond, or cow ...


Nov 17, 2016 ... Powdered milk can go bad, but it takes awhile. Most manufacturers ... But the shelf life does depend on the type of powdered milk. Nonfat ...


With 4 kids, we've been buying milk by the gallon for the last 15 years. As 2 kids have moved out, we haven't dropped back to the smaller size.