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A pond is a body of standing water, either natural or artificial, that is usually smaller than a lake. ... In landscapes with organic soils, fires can also create depressions during periods of droug...

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Why is a pond called a pond and a lake called a lake? ... If the water is deep enough that light does not penetrate to the bottom, and photosynthesis is limited to ...

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Jun 20, 2013 ... When does a pond become a lake - trivia question /questions answer / answers.

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Oct 24, 2010 ... A pond is a body of water shallow enough to support rooted plants. A lake is too deep to support rooted plants except near shore ...

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Jul 24, 2014 ... You're taking a summer stroll along a nice trail when you come across a body of water. “That's a beautiful lake,” you think to yourself. Or ... wait.

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Ponds and Lakes ... Yet, if left alone, ponds will fill in with dirt and debris until they become land. It often takes hundreds of years for a pond to be transformed ...

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The difference between a pond and a lake is entirely subjective, although there are some sources which seem to state that a pond is less than ...

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Lakes and Ponds Lessons from Biologists: Pond Experts & Pond Habitat Biologists. ... Rivers can become lakes and lakes can become rivers when a river channel changes to isolate ... Davis lake does have plants near the middle of the lake.

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Sep 7, 2015 ... Most would say it's size, a lake is bigger, a pond is smaller. ... How Lakes Differ - Lake ScientistIf the water is deep enough that light does not ... If we held to the depth distinction, some ponds would become lakes mid-summer .

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Whether you use your lake or pond for recreation, a home for fish stocks or an ... They grow on the bottom of ponds and can become covered in lime, giving them  ...

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When does a pond become a lake? Ron, Hertfordshire ... Answer: A pond is fed by rainwater or dew – so it's essentially a puddle. A lake is fed by a river, ...

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Ponds. Both lakes and ponds are standing or slow-moving bodies of water. ... Does light reach the bottom of the deepest point of the water body? ... form lakes such as oxbow lakes when portions of a river become geologically separated from ...

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there is no precise difference between a lake and pond, although ... rooted plant growth and a deeper portion where sunlight does not penetrate to the bottom.