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Your Chances of Getting Pregnant, at Every Point in Your Cycle


To hit the baby-making bullseye, you've got to aim for certain sweet spots of fertility in your cycle. Here's how to maximize your odds of conceiving throughout the ...

Can a Woman Become Pregnant During Her Period? - Parents


While a woman is unlikely to get pregnant during her period, it is absolutely possible. Defining a Period. "A period is defined as the blood loss that happens at ...

When Can You Get Pregnant, What Days of Cycle Can I Get ...


Learn when and what days you can get pregnant during your cycle and how you ... These 12 days take into account the 6 days when pregnancy is possible as ...

Can You Get Pregnant on Your Period?


Similarly many people ask can you get pregnant right after your period or is it possible to get pregnant right before your period. You are not alone if either of ...

When to have sex if you want to get pregnant | BabyCenter


If my periods are irregular, will it be harder for me to get pregnant? ... If you're thinking about getting pregnant, try to track your cycle for a couple of months.

Can you get pregnant right after your period? | BabyCenter


Yes, you can. So, if you're not actively trying to get pregnant, it's always safer to use reliable contraception when you have sex, no matter when it is during your ...

Women's guide to getting the timing right - Your Fertility


We're talking about the days in a woman's menstrual cycle when pregnancy is possible. Pregnancy is technically only possible during the five days before ...

When can I get pregnant? - Live Well - NHS Choices


Knowing when you're likely to release an egg (ovulate) can help you plan or avoid pregnancy. Find out when ovulation occurs in the menstrual cycle, and when ...

Know the most popular myths about getting pregnant - Clearblue


(✓)FACT: No, it is possible to get pregnant. One of the ways the pill works is to prevent you from ovulating. If you forget to take any of the pills, the effectiveness of ...

Can You Get Pregnant on Your Period? | What to Expect


... birth control has risks. Learn about the chances of getting pregnant on your period. ... It's not your most fertile time of the month, but it's still possible. 160 shares.

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