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Bleeding or spotting, increased need to urinate, tender breasts, fatigue, nausea, and missed period are signs of pregnancy.
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Discover the pros and cons of revealing your pregnancy early, at the end of the first ... This is one of the advantages of telling early: Your friends and family can ...


May 25, 2007 ... I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and I'm not sure when to tell my parents, my ... My husband and I have decided this time, there really is no "safe" time.


Many new moms are hesitant about announcing their pregnancy. ... The thinking is that if you tell your friends and family before 12 weeks, and experience a ...


Some find out as early as 6 weeks, but societal norms prevent us from freely announcing a pregnancy until after the ceremonial 12-week mark. I don't agree.


Question: "I'm a healthy 20-something on my first pregnancy, and I'm just itching to tell people I'm expecting. When should you tell people you're pregnant — do ...


Jun 28, 2016 ... You see two lines. You have a bun (or two) in the oven…now what? If you are popular Australian blogger Sophie Cachia, aka The Young ...


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