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Learn the best time to have sex if you're trying to conceive: Figure out when ... A woman typically ovulates about 14 days before her next period — not ... To determine the time when you're most likely to be fertile, try our ovulation calculator.

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If you have sex without using contraception, you can conceive (get pregnant) at any time ... This is the time of the month when you are most likely to get pregnant.

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... there's still only a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant each month. ... Answer a few questions and know in minutes when you're most likely to conceive.

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Understanding how pregnancy happens is important. If you want to avoid pregnancy, it helps to know when a woman is most likely to get pregnant, and when ...

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The least likely time to get pregnant is during the initial days of a woman's menstrual cycle since she is most unfertile at this time of the month. On the other hand, ...

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Fertile days are the days a woman is most likely to get pregnant. ... The highest pregnancy rates have been reported when the egg and sperm join together ...

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... menstrual cycle, and how to determine when you are most likely to get pregnant. ... Since sperm can live inside a woman's body for up to five days, there is a ...

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Most women have cycles that are in the 26-32 day range and so for most women, ... A woman can get pregnant in the days leading up to ovulation and in the 24 ... These 12 days are based on when is ovulation likely to occur, and how many ...

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There are only six days during any cycle when a woman can get pregnant - the ... her cycles are in range for using this family planning method most effectively.

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Oct 10, 2012 ... Many women grow up hearing that they can get pregnant any day of the month. ... as the graph below shows, most women ovulate at or near the midpoint of their cycles. ... You would likely be potentially fertile a little earlier.

Women are fertile during ovulation. It is difficult to know exactly when ovulation is going to occur. Doctors recommend that couples who are trying to have a baby have intercourse between days 7 and 20 of a woman's menstrual cycle.
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Nov 7, 2011 ... Can you also tell me when are the most fertile part of a woman's cycle, I have ... The least likely time to conceive is from day one to day seven.

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Sep 27, 2010 ... After ovulation most women have an oral temperature between 97 and 99 degrees ... You are most fertile and most likely to get pregnant:.

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Do YOU know when in her cycle a woman's most likely to get pregnant? If so, please tell a friend. published 12/02/2012. The good news? Young folks who have ...