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Epinephrine was first referred to in the treatment of asthma in 1905. ..... "Asthma genetics 2006: the long and winding road to gene discovery". Genes Immun 7 ...

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We know that asthma existed in ancient Egyptian times, and there is some evidence ... It was first published in September 2007 and last updated on 5 March 2013. ... A sigh of relief: new discovery could aid breathing problems · Back-to- school ...

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Nov 2, 2012 ... The history of the discovery of asthma as an acute respiratory disorder came to light in 400 BC. The term 'Asthma' was first used by Hippocrates ...

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Hippocrates (~400 BC) was the first to use the term “Asthma” (Greek for “wind” or “to blow”) for panting and respiratory distress. He is considered to be the ...

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May 6, 2010 ... More recently the discovery of complex interconnecting cytokine and ... School in Baltimore, US) described asthma in his first (1892) edition of ...

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Often considered "the epidemic of the twenty-first century," the rise in allergies ... 3000-1200 BC) - Ancient Inhalation Treatments for Asthma Ancient Egyptians ... His writings, written in the Ionic dialect and re-discovered in 1554, included On ...

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It's also been discovered that the ancient Chinese also had 'remedies' for what must ... It was first referred to in the ancient text of the Iliad, and different Greek ...

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Apr 23, 2015 ... ... found the root cause of asthma -- a discovery that could pave the way for a ... The first clinical trials to test calcilytics in asthma patients have ...

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People have reported many cures for asthma ever since it was first described by the ... After the discovery of the Americas in the 1400s and the subsequent ...

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The use of inhaled adrenaline to treat asthma began in the first third of the 20th .... The first was disodium cromoglycate; the story of its discovery is of interest in ...

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Q: When was asthma first discovered?
A: The word asthma is derived from the Greek aazein, meaning “sharp breath.” The word first appears in Homer's Iliad;[2] Hippocrates was the first to use it in ref... Read More »
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Q: When was asthma first discovered.
A: Asthma was discovered in 450 BC. Read More »
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Q: When was asthma first discovered and where?
A: Asthma is as likely old as the human race. There are references to asthma symptoms in ancient medical texts from India (from a system called 'Ayurveda'), which ... Read More »
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Q: When Was Asthma Discovered?
A: In the 1870s, explorers in Egypt discovered hieroglyphics that revealed how to treat asthma symptoms. The remedy recommended heating up herbs on a brick and inh... Read More »
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Q: When Was Asthma Discovered?
A: Ancient Egypt In the 1870s, explorers in Egypt discovered hieroglyphics that revealed how to treat asthma symptoms. The remedy recommended heating up herbs on a... Read More »
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