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The clarinet is a musical-instrument family belonging to the group known as the woodwind ..... The first several notes of the altissimo range, aided by the register key and ... Buffet Crampon's ...

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The first clarinets were still very simple and looked much like a larger recorder. ... So the clarinet was not just an improved Chalumeau, those two keys made it a ...

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The clarinet is a woodwind instrument played with a single reed. Clarinets come in .... The posts are first set in the holes previously drilled for them. In many ...

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Clarinet History. Clarinets have been around for a very time, although they did not look at first the way they do today. The history of the clarinet goes as far back  ...

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Johann Christoph Denner made several changes to the chalumeau to create the ... -Denner added two keys to the six-hole instrument to create the firstclarinet”.

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The first written record of the term clarinet was in regard to the Nuremberg Town Band purchase of four .... The first bass clarinet was made in Paris by G. Lot.

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The first known composer to write a concerto for clarinet was J.W. Stamitz. ... Other early instruments were made from animal horns or bones with reeds attached ...

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It was played as a double instrument; the two cylindrical pipes were made of reeds or ... Clarinets with one, two and even three reeds were used in many cultures; ... What is generally accepted, however, is that Denner was the first to equip the ...

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In Paris in 1772 Gilles Lot created a clarinet with several keys and a ... Wagner were among the first composers to make regular use of the bass clarinet, raising it ...

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1770 - The bass clarinet and basset horn are invented. The first bass clarinet is made in Paris by G. Lot. The basset horn's maker, a German, is not known.

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About 2700 B.C., the Egyptians created an instrument called the zummara ... Scholars first believed the clarinet was developed around 1690, but further ...

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He also created a better mouthpiece and improved the bell (end) of the instrument. In 1843 ... Mozart was the first composer to use the clarinet in a symphony.

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The clarinet was invented by Johann Christoph Denner. ... The clarinet was originally made from an earlier German woodwind instrument called the chalumeau.