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The IBM Electromatic typewriter was the first electric typewriter to enjoy ... The N. E. Electric Company then developed and produced the ...

The Virtual Typewriter Museum: Blickensderfer Electric


Blickensderfer Typewriter Company , Stamford, Conn , USA ... Museum is dedicated to manual typewriters, and the Blick Electric is the only exception to that rule.

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Originally founded in as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company in 1911, ... In 1935 IBM produced its first electric typewriter, the Model 01, which IBM ...

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Dec 14, 2010 ... The first electric typewriter was patented by Thomas Edison in 1872. ... Electric Company, which had worked with Remington to produce the first ...

A Brief History of Typewriters


But the first typewriter proven to have worked was built by the Italian Pellegrino ... by the sewing machine department of the Remington arms company. ... The most popular model of early Underwoods, the #5, was produced by the millions.

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George Blickensderfer produced the first electric typewriter in 1902, but practical ... Boyce Manufacturing Company is the largest producer of manual typewriters.

History of Word Processors


Thomas Edison patented an electric typewriter in 1872, but the first workable ... by the M. Shultz Company's introduction of the automatic or repetitive typewriter, ... in technology have made word processing systems less expensive to produce,  ...

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Remington, who manufactured the first typewriters, were ... His first Writing Ball began as an electric device, but later ... The Selectric Typewriter was produced up until the ...

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The first electric typewriter was produced by the Blickensderfer Manufacturing Company, of Stamford, Connecticut, in 1902.

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The first typewriters were placed on the market in 1874, and the machine was soon ... electric typewriters are produced by all major typewriter manufacturers.

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IBM Archives: The history of IBM electric typewriters


The man who was responsible for this invention was Christopher Latham Sholes of ... In 1920 he produced a successful advanced model, and on April 2, 1923 turned ... Today's IBM Electric Typewriter, a completely new and modern product,  ...

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There is much debate as to who should receive credit for the invention of the first electric typewriter. Encyclopedia Britannica says that Thomas Edison invented ...

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Apr 26, 2007 ... 1872 Thomas Alva Edison builds first electric typewriter ... 1978 Olivetti Company and the Casio Company develope electronic typewriter ... to use, unreliable and often took longer to produce a letter than writing it by hand.