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The history of the United States Navy divides into two major periods: the "Old Navy", a small but ... In 1845, the Naval Academy was founded. In 1861, the ...

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Learn about the historical timeline of America's Navy by viewing a list of wars, battles, engagements, missions, milestones, introductions and innovations.

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Sep 30, 2015 ... Explore some surprising facts about the seafaring branch of the U.S. ... being apprised of Washington's activities, officially established the Navy.

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Oct 21, 2009 ... It has done so for 234 years, but the birth of the U.S. Nav. ... commissioned eighteen naval officers; created two Marine battalions; established ...

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Although the U.S. Navy's birth was legislated in Philadelphia, the Navy does not ... Within a few days of that vote, Congress established a Naval Committee, ...

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The U.S. Navy traces its roots back to the privateers that were employed to attack ... On October 13, 1775, the Continental Congress established a naval force, ...

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US Navy Created 1775. The Continental Congress capped a number of months of debate when it authorized on October 13th 1775 the arming of two sailing ...

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With the creation of the United States Constitution and adopted in 1787, the basis legally for a sea borne force of military ships and personnel was established.

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Why did the United States develop naval power from 1775-1815? Answer .... By the end of the War of 1812, the United States Navy had established a level of ...

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Navy, U.S.: Overview In the summer of 1775, the Continental Congress authorized ... In 1798, it established a Navy Department to administer, procure, train, and ...

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After being disbanded for several years, the United States Navy was formally established with the creation of the Department of the Navy in April 1798.

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In addition, Congress established a naval committee responsible for purchasing, ... In 1783, the signing of the Treaty of Paris provided the United States with ...

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The importance of sea power was recognized early. In October 1775 the Continental Congress authorized the creation of the Continental Navy and established ...