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The Start menu is a user interface element used in Microsoft Windows since Windows 95 and in ... Later enhancements via Windows Desktop Update included access to ... In Microsoft Windows, the Start menu in some form appears in Windows 9x, ... When this menu item is selected, a scrolling list of start menu programs ...


A taskbar is an element of a graphical user interface which has various purposes. It typically shows which programs or applications are running on the device, ... Program windows cannot overlap the bar unless maximized. ... The Start menu tooltip no longer says "Click here to begin" but now says simply .... "Giving You Fitts".


Access seems more daunting than any other Office program because of the way that databases work. ... You can choose where the information appears on the printed page, how it's ... When you start Access, you begin at the welcome page. .... Once you create or open a database, the Access window changes quite a bit.


The New Query dialog box will appear as shown in Figure 2-3 in your book. ... The Select Query window will open and you will be ready to begin designing your ... For example, Figures 2-5 and 2-6 in your book show you how to adjust the size ...


Feb 11, 2016 ... Microsoft's Start menu made its first appearance with Windows 95. It quickly became the go-to menu to find everything you needed from ... Before it arrived, Windows users could access apps through Program Manager. .... The Start menu appears to be back with a vengeance, and this time, it's here to stay.


In the Relationships window, you can manually specify the fields to join. ... does not contain any relationships and you are opening the Relationships window for the first time, the Show Table dialog box appears. .... The Lookup Wizard starts.


Jun 27, 2017 ... The Start button allows users to access their computer programs or ... at the top was the first Start button, found in early versions of Microsoft Windows. ... Start Menu (except in Windows 8) that gives you access all the programs ...


When you use related tables in a query, the relationship lets Access ... Create a table relationship by using the Relationships window .... The Lookup Wizard starts. ... On the first screen of the Lookup Wizard, select I want the lookup field to get the ... are opening the Relationships window, the Show Table dialog box appears.


You can use keyboard shortcuts for quick access to frequently used commands or operations. The following ... Show the Windows Start menu. CTRL+ESC.