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May 18, 2008 ... It can be difficult to determine whether a sick, sleeping or brumating turtle is alive or dead -- and that's an odd circumstance to have with a pet.

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Please don't tell me I shouldn't have gotten turtles if I didn't know how to take care of them; I am really trying. I even went to a turtle EXPO event ...

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Jan 5, 2009 ... Quick signs of a turtle's death include smell, sunken eyes and no movement. Determine if a pet turtle has passed away, despite a possible lack ...

How To Know If a Turtle Is Dead


As a result, it is not always easy to know if a turtle is dead. Because they are not very energetic when alive, there may not be obvious signs that your pet has ...

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Nov 2, 2013 ... Pet Turtles : How Do I Know if My Turtle is Dead? ... Dead Snake Skin HAHAHA ( FUNnel Vision Pet Smart Habitat Vlog) - Duration: 19:19.

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Jan 3, 2016 ... If you took the turtle out of the water and it moves slightly, the turtle is likely going ... I have a turtle at home and today it is looking dead.

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Leave it alone, exactly as you found it, for about two weeks. When you examine it a ... Can you tell me whether this turtle is dead or not? How do you tell ... As a teacher, what is the harshest truth a student has ever taught you?

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Dec 30, 2015 ... WHAT TO DO IF YOU SEE A TURTLE ON THE ROAD AND WANT TO HELP IT: ..... Many times its extremely difficult to tell how a turtle has died.

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Jul 28, 2015 ... You should track your pet's weight throughout hibernation to know if your ... Many turtles and tortoises die because owners hibernate them with ...

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On Friday evening I found him, apparently dead in his cage, he did not ... I can tell and b) if he might be hibernating - what should I do to give ...