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Oct 11, 2005 ... Hello All!! I have a question that is really puzzling me. Since I got Bentley I have been trying to get his ears up (many of you have replied to.

Jon-An's Yorkshire Terriers (How to train Yorkies ears to stand)


How to train Yorkies ears to stand. ... Most Yorkie puppies ears are standing by the time they're 3 months old, but some take longer than ... If you accidentally cut

Taping Yorkie Puppy Ears 1 - YouTube


Jun 13, 2011 ... My pup's (the sister) ears are fine (and both my other yorkies have not had ... @ cricketofthesea I don't think ear cropping and taping should be ...

Yorkshire Terrier FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Yorkies


Questions and answers about Yorkshire Terrier temperament, personality, ... Do Yorkshire Terrier ears stand up on their own, or do they have to be cut or taped ...

Why do some Yorkies have pointy stand up ears and others... - Q&A


Aug 1, 2003 ... Why do some Yorkies have pointy stand up ears and others. .... and she said that breeders are supposed to crop the ears and tail... if they are ...

How to Groom a Yorkshire Terrier - For Dummies


When you take the time to groom your Yorkshire Terrier, you're more likely to ... ... Keep the hair around a Yorkie's' ears trimmed to accentuate their upright point, and for ... An easy way to prevent problems is to regularly clip your dog's nails.

Knowing What an Ideal Yorkshire Terrier Looks Like - For Dummies


The first Yorkshire terriers were brought to the United States in the early 1870s, and ... And a 14-pound Yorkie with a silver coat and a floppy ear is as wonderful a ... you can keep your Yorkie in a puppy cut (a short-coat style that many people  ...

I am Furious with a Vet Due to My Yorkie Pups Ears? | Yahoo Answers


Sep 20, 2007 ... I asked a Question a few days ago about my little Yorkshire Terrier Ashtons Ears? ... Most Yorkies do not get thier ears cropped just taped.

Boston Terrier's Ears Won't Stand?


All Boston Terrier's ears should stand up on their own without being cropped. Some dogs who have large ears or heavy ear leather have ears that continue to ...

yorkies ears - HubPages


Sep 7, 2014 ... On occasion you can "tape" (taping is NOT cropping) the ear to give it extra support to get ... Are Yorkies' ears cropped to make them stand up?

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Q: How old is a yorkshire terrier when it's ears finally stand up?
A: some never do, and the ones that do will anywhere from 1-8 months.depends on the breeding. the smaller the dog the more luck in up ears. Source(s): breeder of y... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: When is it too late to crop a staffordshire terriers' ears?How mu...
A: It's purely cosmetic and there is no reason to crop the ears. I would suggest you not do it unless there is an infection or something that requires the ears to ... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: My other question is jada ears were up when we got her now their ...
A: Lydia, I do not know why you didn't get the answer.  I went back through the answered questions on the site and found where you had asked the questions twice.  ... Read More »
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Yorkie Ears | Yorkshire Terrier Information Center


Floppy Ears - the age at which the Yorkshire Terrier's ears stand up ... of the dog's ear; usually done with a clipping machine which should not cut the dog's skin.

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Yorkshire Terrier information regarding tails and also details of docking. Where this is ... Counties That Dock the Yorkie & Counties That Do Not. In America, the ...