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Kohlrabi is in season September through November.


Mar 24, 2016 ... If you're new to growing this crop, then you'll likely find yourself seeking information about harvesting kohlrabi plants. When you want to know ...

Apr 10, 2011 ... Yes this is very true too. Alternatively vegetables should be rotated each year to different parts of the garden. This also helps to reduce diseases ...
Jun 23, 2014 ... Kohlrabi is part of the cabbage family it matures in around 60 days. You might get it a week sooner or 2 weeks later depending on many factors.


High in fiber and vitamin C, kohlrabi is a fast-growing cool-weather crop, with plants ready to harvest just a few weeks after planting. Try growing kohlrabi in ...


Jun 18, 2011 ... Read How and When to Harvest Kohlrabi to learn more about and vegetable gardening from VeggieGardener.com.


Sep 5, 2016 ... Harvest spring planted kohlrabi when the enlarged stem is 1 to 2 inches (2.5-5 cm) in diameter. Harvest summer and autumn planted kohlrabi ...


Still considered an oddity in some quarters, kohlrabi is a cool-season vegetable with a multitude of uses. Its ball-shaped base, which grows above-ground, ...


Feb 18, 2011 ... Kohlrabi is one of the easiest plants to grow in the cabbage family and a ... I direct -seed a small second planting for harvest in midsummer.


Mar 11, 2016 ... Kohlrabi is one of the weirdest looking members of the cabbage family, but ... Harvest immature “bulbs” when they are no more than 2 inches in ...