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A seizure response dog (SRD) is a dog demonstrating specific assisting behaviour during or ... A dog demonstrating specific behaviour prior to a persons epileptic seizure is also referred to as seizure alert dog (SAD). Reports suggest that some ... More »

Seizure Alert Service Dogs | Epilepsy Warning Dogs


Canine Partners for Life provides specialized seizure and epilepsy warning alert dogs. Epilepsy service dogs can detect new seizures. Contact CPL for more ...

Seizure Dogs | Epilepsy Foundation


Some dogs have been trained to bark or otherwise alert families when a child has a seizure while playing outside or in another room. Some dogs learn to lie ...

Seizure Assistance Dog - 4 Paws For Ability


There are two types of dogs trained to help with seizure disorders; Seizure Response Dogs and Seizure Alert Dogs. Our training falls into the second category ...

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Training and placing seizure assistance and alert dogs with the disabled,

Seizure Alert Dogs, Seizure Assistance Dogs, Seizure Response Dogs


Canines 4 Hope provides trained Siezure Alert Dogs, Seizure Assistance Dogs to warn of an oncoming seizures & respond and help someone who has epilepsy ...



PAWS Seizure Response Dogs are custom-trained to assist people who have epilepsy or other seizure disorders with tasks such as activating a life-alert system, ...

Seizure Alert Dogs | Ice Epilepsy Alliance


Although it must be noted a dog cannot be trained to predict seizures, it does occur, and through training dogs can be used to alert upon seizures, and even call ...

How an Epileptic Can Train a Seizure Alert Dog | PetHelpful


Nov 29, 2016 ... You can raise and train your own seizure alert dog; find out now.

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Approximately fifteen percent of dogs are naturally able to predict seizures before they occur. On average, these predictions or alerts are made 10-20 minutes ...