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The origin of the word constellation seems to come from the Late Latin term ... ( Sumerian) star catalogues suggest that the ancient Chinese system did not arise  ...

What Are Constellations?


Looking at constellations: Where did the constellations come from? ... The constellations are totally imaginary things that poets, farmers and astronomers have ...

Constellations: Frequently Asked Questions


Are there obsolete constellations? Where do individual star names come from? Did other cultures also see constellations in the sky? Are all the stars in a ...

Where did constellations come from? - Ask.com


Constellations came from the imaginations of people who looked up at the stars and saw patterns that they ascribed to their gods, goddesses, heroes and ...

Teacher's Science Background: Constellation Q&As - Amazing Space


5. Who created the constellations? Many of our modern constellations come from the ancient Greeks. The. Greeks, however, did not invent them. Many people ...

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People have used constellations for many different reasons. And these ... How did the stars get named? ... (Beginner) · Where did the name 'Earth' come from?

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May 1, 2012 ... There are 88 officially recognized constellations in the sky, and these astronomical patterns have a fascinating and long history. Forty-eight of ...

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Jul 18, 2013 ... Who made the constellations? http://www.stargazersonline.org facebook.com/ stargazers.

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The International Astronomical Union recognizes 88 constellations covering the entire northern and southern sky. ... How did the constellations get their names?

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Your first assignment is to find a definition of constellations. This website will give you that definition. What are constellations? Where Did Constellations Come ...

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Q: Where did ursa major constellation come from.
A: Ultimately, all constellations come from the human imagination. Constellations are purely a matter of perception. Most of the stars in any given constellation a... Read More »
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Q: Where did the constellation name Aquila come from.
A: Aquila. is Latin for 'eagle' because the constellation looked like an Eagle. See related link for a pictorial. Read More »
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Q: Where did US frigate Constellation cions come from?
A: The coins were made from the original copper spikes used to construct the ship. The spikes were melted and minted into coins and sold for a donation of one doll... Read More »
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Q: Where Did It Come From?
A: C. difficile is usually present in persons with severe infectious diarrhea. It fosters nosocomial, infectious epidemics in hospitals and similar facilities for ... Read More »
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Q: Where the constellation names come from?
A: The constellation names come from the names of Greek and Roman names or myths. As simple as that. Read More »
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