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Who created God? Who made God? Where did God come from?


This is a slightly more sophisticated form of the basic question “Who made God?” Everyone knows that something does not come from nothing. So, if God is a ...

Where did God COME FROM? - The Bible Study Site


Was God CREATED by someone or something? Where did he come from? Did the Father CREATE the Being who became Jesus Christ?

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Aug 17, 2015 ... Please Subscribe! http://testu.be/1FjtHn5 The word "religion" comes from the Latin "religio," which means to unite or to unite oneself with the ...

5:1:9 Where did God come from? - It's Time Now!...


Questions are often asked about the origin of God - where did He come from and who made Him? Here is something about what the Bible says about those ...



Jan 29, 2011 ... In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Gen 1:1) Where ..... http ://en.apologet.net/where-did-god-come-from/. ReplyDelete.

Where Did God Come From? - COGwriter


Furthermore, they have wondered where God the Father came from. What about ... Did you know that another beginning is mentioned in the Bible? Notice the ...

How did God come into existence? | The Big Question


Apr 27, 2010 ... But, if it says in the bible that God has no beginning and no end, but He would ... Well, where did the energy, atoms, and acids all come from?

Just Ask Islam - Where Did God Come From?


I have a friend that doesn't even believe in a god, and I said whatever I could, but her side of the argument was, that if everything came from something, and their ...

Origins of God: Where did God come from? - Summum


2 Aeons ago, the material universe and everything within it exploded into being. The creation of the material universe is the single known paramount event from ...

Don Stewart :: Who Created God? Where Did He Come From?


He did not work Himself up into a position to be God neither did He inherit the position from His parents, for He had no parents-no mother, no father. He has no  ...

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Where did God come from? | CARM


And, "Your throne is established from of old; Thou art from everlasting" (Psalm 93: 2). Quite simply, God has no beginning and no end. So, where did God come ...

Q. Where did God come from? - bethinking.org


Don't we have to assume that if there is God, then there must have been something ... Even absolute time has been excluded from modern physical reasoning ...

Who created God - creation.com


“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by ...... And where did your god's parents come from?