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To kick the bucket is an English idiom, considered a euphemistic, informal, or slang term ... service into harm, you have done what the she-goat does when she kicks the bucket that holds her milk an...

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Kick the bucket - the meaning and origin of this saying. ... opting for a bucket. This theory doesn't stand up any better than the supposed buckets did. Left quote

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A person standing on a pail or bucket with their head in a slip noose would kick the bucket so as to commit suicide. The OED, however, says this is mainly ...

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Jan 15, 2014 ... Search Results. To kick the bucket is an English idiom, considered a euphemistic , informal, or slang term meaning 'to die'. Its origin remains ...

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Nov 12, 1996 ... Since the phrase "kick the bucket" dates back to at least the 16th century, neither of .... Is this a real word, and if so, where did it come from?

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How did the phrase Kicked the Bucket come to mean that a person died. What is the bucket? I've actually kicked a bucket or two and the most I ...

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What does kick the bucket expression mean? ... years, they can still come up with inventive new ways for the people of dangerous Midsomer to kick the bucket.

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What is the origin and meaning of the expression To Kick The Bucket? ... How did it happen? The idiom should not be used with ... People have come up with different theories as to how this expression came into being. One of them is the ...

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Feb 17, 2016 ... First, the OED suggested a certain etymology of kick the bucket as a .... And again : Why did the expression come up so late and spread so fast?

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When you kick the bucket, you die. Kick the bucket is an extremely informal way to describe death. ... come into existence through birth. Types: show 9 types...

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Feb 27, 1999 ... 'Kick the bucket' for dying is a mysterious idiom. ... So much for the early history of the idiom, which does little or nothing to illuminate its origins.

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Term is derived from when suicides were common by a person preparing to hang themself, and used a bucket to stand on, and then kicked the bucket when ...

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Jun 24, 2008 ... "kick the bucket" has been documented as slang for "to die" since 1785, when Captain Francis Grose included it in his "Dictionary of the Vulgar ...