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Sally Kristen Ride (May 26, 1951 – July 23, 2012) was an American physicist and astronaut. ... and "Do you weep when things go wrong on the job? ... In 1987, Ride left her position in Was...

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Her job was to work the robotic arm. She used the arm to help put satellites into space. She flew on the space shuttle again in 1984. What Did Sally Ride Do After  ...

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Dr. Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly in space, cofounded Sally Ride Science in 2001 ... Sally was finishing her Ph.D. in physics at Stanford University in 1977 when she saw an article in .... Sally's life and work continue to be recognized with other posthumous honors. ... If you are a real person do not fill this field ...

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Jul 25, 2012 ... Sally Ride was the first American woman to go into space. ... Ride's history- making Challenger mission was not her only ... Post-NASA work.

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Sally K. Ride 1951-, American astrophysicist and astronaut, b. ... "I don't know why I wanted to do it," she confessed to Newsweek prior to embarking on her first spaceflight. ... After graduating from there in 1968, Ride preferred to work on her game full time ..... However, sometimes she did not apply herself to her stud...

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Sally Ride grew up in a home where she was always encouraged to try her best. ... They write books about her and people in school do reports on her.

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Jun 1, 2014 ... STS-7 Mission Specialist Sally Ride poses on aft flight deck with her back to the onorbit ... Did keeping this secret weigh heavily on Sally? ... But when Tam brought it up, Sally said, “Whatever you want to do is fine with me. ... I think her work with the [space shuttle] robot arm was a huge advantage for her.

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Sally Ride immediately pursued her dream when she saw an ad in the ... who asked if her emotions as a woman could affect the way she did her job. ... Because of her historical experiences in space aeronautics, Sally continued to work for ...

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She has received numerous medals and honors for her work as an astronaut, and for her ... Her parents encouraged Sally and her younger sister Karen to study hard and do their ... However, sometimes she did not apply herself to her studies.

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Sally Ride was an American astronaut and physicist, who became the first American woman to travel into space. ... She was involved in a lot of charity work during her older years, most of which was .... Do This Before Bed Tonight To Burn Belly Flab All Night Long ... How did she get into STANFRORD when she quit college?

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Jul 12, 2016 ... Astronaut Sally was the first American woman to blast off into space, serving ... In 1983, astronaut and astrophysicist Sally Ride became the first American ... and got her chance to go into space and the record books in 1983.

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Kids learn about the biography of Sally Ride, the first American woman astronaut in outer ... Where did Sally Ride grow up? ... However, after practicing all day, every day, for months, she realized a life of playing tennis wasn't for her. ... Sally's days as an astronaut were over, but she continued to work with NASA for a whil...

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Jun 4, 2014 ... When Sally Ride died in 2012, her obituary noted a new fact that was ... Ride and her classmates went to work, with Ride often pulling 12 hour ... a male-dominated environment (they did), and how they'd do simple things, like ...