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Xmas is a common abbreviation of the word Christmas. It is sometimes pronounced /ˈɛksməs/, ... Lord Byron used the term in 1811, as did Samuel Coleridge (1801) and Lewis Carroll (1864...

The “X” in “Xmas” — Learn the sacred, 1,000-year-old meaning of ...


Dec 21, 2015 ... Do you find the wordXmas,” as an abbreviation for Christmas, offensive? ... You are trying not to bash Christians, but that's exactly what you did. .... If you don't beleive in Jesus, when He will come, you will believe, though ...

What Does the X in Xmas Mean? - Ligonier Ministries


Dec 18, 2015 ... The first letter of the Greek word Christos is transliterated into our alphabet as an X. That X has come through church history to be a shorthand ...

Is it ok to use Xmas to mean Christmas? -- Christmas Customs and ...


Find out what Xmas means and why we sometimes use it instead of ... 'kye' - it rhymes with 'eye') which is the first letter of the Greek word for Christ, Christos.

Why is there a controversy surrounding the word 'Xmas ...


But some Christians take offense to the word "Xmas" and have called for the abolishment of this ... So why is it so controversial, and where did it originate?

Why is Christmas shortened to XMAS? - The Bible Study Site


Where did this shortened version of the name come from? ... ANSWER: Abbreviating the word Christmas to Xmas does not 'cut Jesus short' as your Emailed ...

The Origin of "Xmas" - CRI/Voice


Dec 31, 2012 ... Explanation of the origin and use of the abbreviation xmas. ... And finally, in a forlorn voice, he asked his dad: "Did they cross Christ out of Christmas, Daddy? ... The time has come to separate the religious festival of Christmas ...

The Straight Dope: Why is Christmas abbreviated Xmas?


Dec 23, 1993 ... So just how did the term "Xmas" come to be used in place of ... It was the first letter of the word Christos (meaning "the anointed one," e.g., the ...

Is it wrong to say “Xmas” instead of “Christmas”?


How did the word 'Xmas' or 'X-mas' originate? ... Xmas in that manner, the actual origin of the word Xmas has nothing to do with taking Christ out of Christmas.

Why Is There an X in Xmas? Isn't It Sacrilegious?


The name Xmas is sometimes seen as a move to take the religious Christ element out of Christmas. ... holiday, but since 'X' is not Chi in English, we read the word as X-mas and see no connection with Christ. ... What does theotokos mean?

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The "X" in "Xmas" Doesn't Take the "Christ" Out of "Christmas"


Dec 21, 2011 ... Myth: “Xmas” is a non-religious name / spelling for “Christmas”. It turns out .... Where did you come up with this nonsense? For starters, the ...

Xmas Abbreviation : snopes.com


Dec 24, 2013 ... Rumor: The term 'Xmas' is a modern and disrespectful abbreviation for ... Showtime did not announce in November 2015 that the hit show .

Why do we shorten Christmas as Xmas? | Grammarly Blog


Dec 16, 2014 ... The word Christmas comes from the combination of the words 'Christ' and 'mass.' But where did the X in Xmas come from, and what does it ...