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In the United States, there have been several controversies concerning the word "niggardly", an ... Both negro and noir (and therefore also nègre and nigger) ultimately come from nigrum, the ... Howard refused but accepted another position with the mayor instead, insisting that he did not feel victimized by the incident. On the ...


I used the word "renege" in a meeting the other day (something like, "the vendor decided to renege on their offer of shipping replacement SAN ...


my so-called best friend promised to help me move, only to renege come Saturday ... The Latin word negāre, meaning “to deny” or “to say no,” and its form  ...


Jun 2, 2009 ... A thousand times no. Dear Word Detective: All through my adolescent and adult life I have used the word "renege" when it comes to someone ...


Renege definition, Cards. to play a card that is not of the suit led when one can follow suit; ... to go back on one's word: ... Word Origin and History for renege


the correct definition is for RENEGING, as in to re-negotiate a deal, or back out. ... and used incorrectly to imply it's something a black person always does, yes, ...


Jan 6, 2017 ... If so, will milk be able to come out, or will it be blocked and cause other ... It's spelled "renege," (same root word as renegade) and it is not a racist term. .... the offensive word he does know that sounds almost exactly the same.


... here probably an intensive prefix, + negare "refuse," from PIE root *ne- "not." Meaning "change one's mind" is from 1784. Related: Reneged; reneging.


It comes to us by way of the French, from the Middle Latin word renegare, which in turn comes from the Old Latin prefix re- (again) and negare (to.


May 15, 2014 ... “The peanut gallery”: Just a dismissive term for hecklers or critics, right? ... But when the phrase originated, that betrayal was a lot more serious.