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Public toilet


A public toilet is a room or small building containing one or more toilets and possibly also ... The word "restroom" originated in the United States, but " bathroom" is now more c...

The Straight Dope: Why is it called a restroom, anyway?


Jun 2, 2009 ... However, the OED does cite some wordplay from Ulysses (1922) in ... The term toilet room seems to have been American in origin, from the late ...

Why the Toilet is Sometimes Called a “John” - Today I Found Out


Aug 9, 2010 ... (There are a few references of the toilet being called “Cousin John”, ... You're in Does Not Impact which Way Water Spins Down a Toilet ... The British word for the toilet, “loo”, derives from the French .... What Those Nasty White Chunks That Sometimes Come From Your Throat Are · jabulani soccer ball ...

Restroom | Definition of Restroom by Merriam-Webster


Define restroom: a room in a public place with a sink and toiletrestroom in a sentence. ... Where Does the Word 'Delegate' Come From? Represent · may-day  ...

word choice - "Washroom", "restroom", "bathroom", "lavatory", "toilet ...


Jan 15, 2011 ... Toilet. The word toilet is a euphemism. It previously was used to ... So far as I know it did not include defecation and was therefore a .... But you're right that many euphemisms originate in u. class before they get discarded.

What is the origin of the word 'loo'? - Oxford Dictionaries


There are several theories about the origin of this informal British term for a toilet. The first, and most popular, is that it derived from the cry of 'gardyloo' (from the ...

Why do they call it the loo? - Kottke.org


Feb 16, 2005 ... We probably get the word "loo" from this expression, although some ... backs this version as well (don't miss the list of euphemisms for toilet there, ... The word appears to originate no earlier than James Joyce's usage in ...

A Way with Words | Toilet vs. Commode


Dec 1, 2012 ... Today, commode is still a common term heard in the American South. ... PEZ dispensers come in all shapes and sizes—but where did the word.

World Wide Words: Loo


Feb 13, 1999 ... Q From Barbara Blakeport: What is the origin of the British word loo for a bathroom or restroom? A There are many theories about this word but ...

Toilet Names - Different names for the toilet - Toilet Inspector


Different toilet names from around the world. The term lavatory, or lav, derives from the Latin, which in turn comes from Latin, to wash. ... the modern flush toilet. He did have several patents related to plumbing, but the word "crap" predates him.

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Why is it called a 'restroom'? - Quora


So we got 'toilet', from a French word for getting ready. ... The next, I think was, ' bathroom'; many such rooms also contain a toilet, and so one could say that one is going to the bathroom and pretend that it is to ... What does "Quora" mean?

restroom, washroom and bathroom | WordReference Forums


Mar 15, 2005 ... hi Does anybody know the origin of the word "restroom" and why this word is used ... Sorry to disappoint you, cloak does not come from cloaca.

Where does the word restroom come from - Answers.com


People used to rest and read the newspaper in a room. they did not want to get up and use the bathroom while they were resting so they added it to the restroom  ...