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Bears are found on all continents except Antarctica and Australia.

American black bear


Black bears are omnivores with their diets varying greatly depending on season and location. They typically live in largely forested areas, but do leave forests in ...

Black Bear Habitat | Where Do Black Bears Live? - Habitat Tracker


Who What Who Who American black bears are native to North America and can be found throughout the United States, Canada, and northern Mexico.

Grizzly Bear | Basic Facts About Grizzly Bears | Defenders of Wildlife


Bears live in and use a variety of habitat types, playing important roles in each one. ... Females do not typically reproduce until they are four or five years old.

Where Do Polar Bears Live? | Polar Bears International


Polar bears live in the circumpolar north in areas where they can hunt their primary prey, ice seals. They are found in Canada (home to roughly 60% of the ...

Where do bears live? - Ask.com


A bear's habitat depends largely on the type of bear and its location in the world as bears are found in both wooded and open environments. However, most ...

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They typically live in forests and are excellent tree climbers, but are also found ... Solitary animals, black bears roam large territories, though they do not protect ...

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Where Do Bears Live in North America. North America's bear areas map. This map shows the overlapping geographic ranges of three types of bears that inhabit ...

The American Bear Association-VSWS Kids' Questions

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Where do black bears live? American black bears only live in North America. They are found throughout Canada, in most of the states in the United States, and  ...

Brown Bear: facts, diet, habitat, baby cubs, claws, kodiak


Depending on where they live brown bears are also known as the Alaskan, Grizzly, European, Syrian, and Kodiak brown ... WHAT DO BROWN BEARS EAT?

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Q: Where do bear live?
A: Bears live in the woods, but sometimes Polar bears visit Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Please see the related link below for more information: Read More »
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Q: Where do bears live in?
A: In the warm weather (summer, late spring, early fall) in a forested natural habitat. In the cold weather (winter) in a cave, hollow log, etc for hibernation. Read More »
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Q: Where do bears live?
A: It depends on the kind of bear. The Spectacled Bear live in forests high up in the Andes mountain... Read More »
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Q: Where do Bears live?
A: Colour the valley bottom GREEN. This is suitable for bear habitat Colour the lakes and streams BLUE Colour the town of Banff RED Read More »
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Q: Where Do Bears Live?
A: Black bears or their relatives live on all continents except Africa, Australia, & Antarctica. Approximately 630,000 - 725,000 American black bears live in 42 st... Read More »
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