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The beaver (genus Castor) is a primarily nocturnal, large, semiaquatic rodent. Castor includes ... Beavers do not hibernate, but store sticks and logs in a pile in their ponds, eating the underbark....

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Oct 13, 2015 ... The phrase "busy as a beaver" aptly describes these big-toothed rodents that can change the landscape and their ... Beavers do not hibernate.

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Learn all you wanted to know about beavers with pictures, videos, photos, facts, ... assignments, and get helpful feedback. Do I smell carrots? a nutria. Beaver.

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Beaver Dam Beavers live near rivers, streams, ponds, small lakes, and marshes. They build lodges of sticks and mud on islands, on pond banks, or on lake ...

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Beaver teeth never stop growing, so they do not become too worn despite years ... They live on these sticks because once their pond freezes they will no longer ...

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Jan 26, 2014 ... The bump was a beaver dam. In the winter we travel through many areas where beavers live. We see plenty of evidence of the beavers.

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Fascinating facts about beavers including diet, size, weight, habitat, range and ... under water, and a second, dryer den where the family will live and socialise.

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Beavers live in freshwater within temperate forests throughout the Northern Hemisphere. There are two distinct species of beaver: one that lives in Eurasia, and ...

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Beavers are more than intriguing animals with flat tails and lustrous fur. American Indians called the beaver the "sacred center" of the land because this species ...

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Where do they live? Beavers are found throughout all of North America except for the northern regions of Canada and the deserts of the southern United States ...

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Beavers are sizable rodents who are part of the genus Castor. These toothy mammals spend significant portions of their lives in the water, and they usually live ...

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Beavers live in colonies that may contain 2 to 12 individuals. ... They do not hibernate, but are less active during winter, spending most of their time in the lodge ...

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Dec 7, 2013 ... It is common to see beaver near rivers and streams. Beavers live near water because they have short legs and do not move well on land.