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Pizzle is an old English word for penis, derived from Low German pesel or Flemish Dutch pezel ... Pizzles, or Bully Sticks, are almost exclusively used/ produced today as chewing treats for dogs. ......

What are Bully Sticks? - Best Bully Sticks


These bully sticks or Beef Stick Dog Treats and chews originate from ... What sizes do Bully Sticks come in? ... How often should I give my dogs Bully Sticks?

Benefits of Bully Sticks for Dogs | Pawstruck.com


Apr 1, 2016 ... Bully Sticks do not cause blockages in a dog's stomach; they get ... of Bully Sticks is the many shapes, sizes, and thicknesses they come in.

Your Dog Is Probably Eating A Lot Of Bull Penises And You Don't ...


Mar 17, 2015 ... All of our bully stick products are made out of bull penises. ... We try to come up with a fun name when we can, so that people can try the ...

What Bully Sticks dog treats are made from, product analysis


The result is a 30-40 inches long very hard brown stick which is cut into pieces suitable for dogs of any size. Thus you can buy small bully sticks of 4'', large beef  ...

The Benefits of Bully Sticks For Dogs + Bonus Pro's & Cons


Bully Sticks for dogs (also known as bull pizzle) has many benefits for your fine ... So, it does not come as a shocker when they also put the animal's privates to ...

Dog Treat Made from Bull Penis May Pose Health Risks - Live Science


Jan 28, 2013 ... Bully sticks could be packed with calories and contaminated with bacteria, ... hands after touching such treats, as they would with any raw meat.

Topic: Bully sticks or Rawhide? - Dog Food Advisor


Should I try rawhide or bully sticks? ... use them simply because my dog turns his nose at them (I think he knows where they come from, LOL!!!).

Petco Bully Stick Dog Treat | Petco Store


Petco Bully Stick Dog Treat. SKU: 267120. Shop all by Petco. Price: $5.99 ... This action will open a modal dialog. Item Weight. Item Weightrequired information.

What Are Bully Sticks Made Of? - K9 of Mine


Beef pizzle, aka bully sticks, can come from a number of various vendors. If you are interested in getting your dog bully sticks, it's best to make sure that you buy ...

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How are Bully Sticks Made - Best Bully Sticks


Bully Sticks can also be smoked, in a traditional smoker, to remove moisture and if ... What sizes do Bully Sticks come in? ... How should I store Bully Sticks?

Why Dogs Go Crazy Over Bully Sticks – Slow Feed Dog Bowls ...


Jan 11, 2016 ... Why choose bully sticks? For starters, they make very durable chew treats. The average bone Rovers consumes in an hour can't compete with ...

Bully Stick Treats: Delicious and Dangerous – The Dogington Post


Jun 3, 2013 ... Bully sticks, also known as pizzle sticks, are an increasingly popular treat ... immuno-compromised and other high-risk individuals should avoid ...