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It can be found from Maine, west to Iowa, south to Florida, the gulf states and Texas. ... The larval stage of C. catalpae is known as the Catalpa or Catawba Worm.

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The caterpillars, commonly called catalpa worms or "catawba" worms, feed on leaves ... The catalpa sphinx occurs throughout much of eastern United States from ... but pupae of the last brood of the season overwinter in the soil and moths do not ... Infestations of the catalpa sphinx occur sporadically; they come and go and ...

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Catalpa worms are actually caterpillars that are attracted to the catalpa tree, according to forester Steve Nix for About.com. These catalpa worms are often used ...

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Jun 17, 2013 ... Tags: catalpa worms, natural pesticide, Linda Holliday ... I did what I thought any all-natural gardener would do. ... “They always come back. ... status of catalpa trees and worms in your area, Peele would like to hear from you.

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May 29, 2014 ... Without Catalpa Trees, you will not have any Catalpa Worms. ... Sometimes a few look like they have taken, but don't come back the following year. ... Then there is also the large deposit of worm dung from the worms. .... If you do not want this information given when making replies to me, please state so ...

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Jun 23, 2014 ... It is also possible that the caterpillar will still come out sometime this year. ... Plenty of things will keep Catawba worms from Catalpa trees, and ...

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Jun 22, 2008 ... Catalpa 101 (official redneck name = Catawba worm) - all you ever wanted ... However, in handling these worms, they do have a very fragrant smell and may be quite tasty. ... some years they come back for a second (or even third month) Year ... *Catfishing Tips* Channel Catfish from the bank with Secret 7 ...

Freezing Catalpa Worms

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We covered the catalpa worm with a lot of cornmeal to prevent them from ... I can't recall any of their names but I do remember one boy that came with them. .... a bunch of young catalpas onto separate leaves and come back the next day and ...

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Jul 21, 2009 ... I have never used catalpa worms for fish bait, but I do prefer live bait ... I have been informed that I must catch some of the worms from one tree ...

The Catalpa Sphinx


alpa worms or “catawbaworms, feed on leaves of ... States from Florida to New York .... occur sporadically; they come and ... catalpa worms do not survive to.

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