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Ceratomia catalpae


The Catalpa Sphinx (Ceratomia catalpae) is a hawk moth of the Sphingidae family. ... The larval stage of C. catalpae is known as the Catalpa or Catawba Worm. When first hatching, the larvae are a ve...

The Catalpa Sphinx - Auburn University


THE CATALPA SPHINX<sup>1</sup> is a common hawk or sphinx moth, (Photo 1) but it is the ... The caterpillars, commonly called catalpa worms or "catawba" worms, feed on ... but pupae of the last brood of the season overwinter in the soil and moths do not ... Infestations of the catalpa sphinx occur sporadically; they come and go and ...

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Jun 22, 2008 ... Catalpa 101 (official redneck name = Catawba worm) - all you ever wanted to know ... I'm in Georgia... when do the worms come out to play?.

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Did you know that catalpa worms can be preserved, then used months later for .... of young catalpas onto separate leaves and come back the next day and see if ...

The Catalpa Sphinx


tered and best known. The caterpillars, commonly called cat- alpa worms or “ catawbaworms, feed on leaves of catalpa and often completely striptrees of foliage ...

The Bait Barn Catalpa Worm


We Do Not Ship Live Catalpa Worms, Catawba Gold Bait catalpa worms are ... Catalpa Worms come from the Catalpa tree mostly in the southern regions of the  ...

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The Catalpa Worm is the larvae of the Catalpa Sphinx moth and feeds only on the Catalpa Tree. ... Second, do not harvest all the worms from your trees.

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A catalpa tree is a beautiful tree, a wood product but is also a source of food for the fish-loving catalpa caterpillar.

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Jun 20, 2014 ... Some general information about attracting Catawba worms to ... When the worms leave or do not come on your trees, then the best thing to do ...

The Catalpa Sphinx


alpa worms or “catawbaworms, feed on leaves of .... in the soil and moths do not emerge until the following ... catalpa sphinx occur sporadically; they come and.

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Catalpa worms are actually caterpillars that are attracted to the catalpa tree, according to forester Steve Nix for About.com. These catalpa worms are often used ...

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Jun 17, 2013 ... Tags: catalpa worms, natural pesticide, Linda Holliday. catalpa flowers ... “No, I was wondering,” he asked, “How come you cut down all your dogwood trees?” ... I did what I thought any all-natural gardener would do. I mixed ...

Tree Notes: Catalpa (catawba) "worms"


Jul 21, 2009 ... I have never used catalpa worms for fish bait, but I do prefer live bait rather than flies, lures, etc. I'm intrigued that the catalpa worms are ...