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Chinchillas are crepuscular rodents, slightly larger and more robust than ground squirrels. They are native to the Andes mountains in South America and live in .... If a limb fracture does not heal ...

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Wild chinchillas live in herds (also known as colonies) of 14 - 100 chinchillas in ... chinchillas are highly sensitive animals and do not respond well to travel and ...

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Two species are recognized in the wild: Chinchilla chinchilla (formerly C. brevicaudata) and Chinchilla ... ... Chinchillas live in the harsh, windy climate high of the Andes, from the middle elevations up to ... Where Did Grizzly Bears Originate?

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Sep 18, 2011 ... viscachas in natural habitat Bolivia mountaints 3800 meter Chinchilla. ... Can Your Chinchilla Do This? - Duration: 2:55. venomtt1000 142,236 ...

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In the wild, Chinchillas live in social groups called herds which contain around ... hunting in the remote mountain ranges of the Andes and illegal hunting does ...

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Chinchillas live throughout the Andes Mountains and prefer to live in the highest areas of the mountain as well as inside of hidden rock fractures. They are a ...

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In the wild, chinchillas live in crevices, between rocks and in caves. They are ... Because chinchillas are from very dry arid habitats, they do not drink much water.

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Chinchilla tries to hide from these predators to burrows and rock crevices. Wild chinchillas live in herds in their natural habitat, not only for social interactions, but  ...

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I do not suggest them for children because they are small and fragile and if ... Chinchillas can live 12 to 20 years – an exceptionally long life span for a rodent.

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Life Span. On average, long-tailed chinchillas live up to 10-11 years. ... Did you know female long-tailed chinchillas are actually bigger than males? Long-tailed ...

Chinchillas are found in the barren, arid areas of mountains in northern Chile.
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Jul 21, 2014 ... By Alina Bradford, Live Science Contributor | July 21, 2014 05:16pm ET .... Chinchillas do not get along well when caged together, and should ...

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The chinchilla's origin explains this rodent's distinctive characteristics such as her thick coat and powerful hind legs for jumping. Built for the frigid, arid mountains ...

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In the wild, chinchillas can be found in the Andes alpine regions, but because they are an ... Chinchilla's usually live in clans of about 100 individuals. There are  ...