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Computer virus


A computer virus is a malware that, when executed, replicates by reproducing itself or infecting .... The virus did not contain any Windows API calls, instead relying on DOS interrupts. A few years ...

Computer Viruses : What They are & Where They Come From


In the simplest of terms a computer virus is nothing more than a computer program which is capable of making a copy ... Where do computer viruses come from?

Where do Computer Viruses Come From? | InterWorks, Inc.


Jul 26, 2011 ... It seems like over half the time I am called out on a client site to remove a virus from someone's computer, I get asked the universal question, ...

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Mar 17, 2014 ... Happy St. Patrick's Day The most asked question from our clients has got to be , where did I get this virus. How did this happen to my computer?

How does a computer get infected with a virus or spyware?


Information about how a computer gets infected with a virus, malware, and spyware.

Where did viruses come from? - Scientific American


Mar 27, 2008 ... Ed Rybicki, a virologist at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, answers: Tracing the origins of viruses is difficult because they don't ...

5 Hidden Ways Viruses Infect Your Computer - Business News Daily


May 6, 2014 ... Here's how viruses, spyware and other malware infect your systems. ... emails, making it seem as though they come from trustworthy senders. ... What it really did, however, was load up the phone's memory with malware.

Where Do Computer Viruses Come From?


Sep 18, 2012 ... Have you ever wondered how computer viruses spread and where they come from? Find the answers in this article so that you will not be the ...

Where Did My Virus Come From... - MonkeyPuzzle Computers


May 16, 2011 ... So where do these viruses come from? ... Computer users are generally wise to this ruse now and anti-virus programs are good enough that ...

Where Do Computer Viruses Come From? - EzineArticles.com


Aug 27, 2008 ... Computer viruses become a threat for most computer users. But have you ever asked yourself "where do computer viruses come from"?

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What are computer viruses and where do they come from? - News


Jul 17, 2008 ... Just as the flu can spread from human to human, a well-engineered computer virus can transfer from machine to machine—with a bad outbreak ...

Where in the World do Viruses Come From? | PCWorld


Sep 5, 2009 ... The U.S. and Brazil continued their output of spam and viruses through August, although levels have dropped slightly since July, according to ...

How did computer viruses come into existence? - Quora


Jul 4, 2014 ... Creeper is commonly known as the first computer virus, written in 1971 by BBN programmer Robert Thomas as a security test for his TENEX ...