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We love our pets—whether dogs, cats, birds etc—and often consider them to be members of the ... The question still remains, do our dogs go to heaven when they die? ... By carrying out the role God planned for them, they glorify their Creator.


What does the Bible say about animals after they die? These precious loved animals include dogs, cats, horses, and even a few unorthodox pets that families  ...


There is a very special place where beloved pets go after they die. ... Dogs and cats play with each other like youngsters, and they do not have time to feel lonely  ...


Do pets and animals you to heaven? ... spirit dog “I had no sense of Pip's spirit when he died, which came as a shock ... Where do the animals go when they die ?


Do they go to heaven? I never really thought about God or heaven in my life. In passing moments, but nothing seriously. A little while ago my dog passed away.


They are born, they live, they die, and they come back, again and again, into earthly ... But this does not mean that we humans are the only living spirits in God's ... When my dog wants a treat or wishes to go out, he sits and stares at me intently.


May 19, 2017 ... They'd found our dog, Nellie, dead on the floor. Nellie was a ... Why did Nellie have to die? Why did God ... We don't know why our pets die when they do. Death comes for ... little dog. She seemed to go peacefully in her sleep.


Will my pet go to Heaven? We here at Rainbows Bridge have been asked these questions often. Our answer is yes to all the above. If we truly did not believe this  ...


Sep 30, 2013 ... I get a lot of questions from my readers about where animals go when they die. ... She had had a very strong connection with the dog and was ...