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Where Do Freckles Come From?
Freckles come from melanin, a product naturally produced by the body which acts as the body's first line of defense against UV rays from the sun. Discover the origin of freckles, discoloration and sun spots with beauty advice from a certified... More »
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Freckles, sometimes called ephelis, are clusters of concentrated melanin which are most often visible on people with a fair complexion. Freckles do not have an ...

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My son has lots of freckles on his face and arms, and he recently asked me why. I had no idea! Can you tell us? - Bran. Freckles tend to run in families. People ...

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Do you have freckles or know someone who does? Find out what freckles are in this article.

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Feb 6, 2013 ... Freckles come from genetics and sun exposure. Credit: Yuri ... Why Does Hair Turn Gray? ... Do Hair and Nails Keep Growing After Death?

PALE SKIN IS IN: Where do Freckles and Moles come from?

Mar 1, 2009 ... My friend Cathy asked me yesterday if I knew where freckles and moles came from. What a great question! I didn't exactly know the answer, so I ...

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Oct 25, 2012 ... And why do some people have tons of freckles, and others just have a ... simply that freckles come from our genetics and (drum roll please.

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Do you ladies want really tan #skin? Do you already have a lot of freckles? One of the biggest facts about freckles that I didn't know about is that they actually ...

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If your skin is already freckle-prone, getting some sun will draw more natural freckles out of your skin. If you do not have natural freckles, you can use standard  ...

Why Do People Have Freckles? A Look at What Causes Freckles

Feb 20, 2010 ... Freckles are a common feature amongst many people in the world. These spots are caused by the MC1R gene and generally appear in ...

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Oct 20, 2006 ... Some say freckles come from the kiss of an angel. But we know where most of them really come from. They come from genes. And the sun.

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Includes: • What are freckles? • Why do people have freckles? • Types of freckles • Getting rid of freckles.

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Well, to understand why it happens, you'll have to understand where freckles come from in the first place. We all have cells in our skin called melanocytes.

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If you don't, chances are you probably know someone who does. But what are they exactly? Freckles appear on the skin as small tan or light brown spots.

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Sep 19, 2014 ... Read about the causes of freckles (sun, genetics), red or brown spots on the skin. Learn about ... How do freckles develop? How important is ...