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The muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus), the only species in genus Ondatra and tribe Ondatrini, is a .... Muskrats normally live in groups consisting of a male and female pair and their young. During the s...

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Entry holes are particularly evident where muskrats are living in tidewater areas ... You can do the work yourself or hire a company to do all or part of the work ...

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Social Interaction: As monogamous breeders, muskrats live with their mates and their young. They are very territorial - especially during breeding season.

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This can also displace other species that are living in that ecosystem. Muskrats can also do considerable amounts of damage to your lawn and garden because  ...

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Muskrat Interesting Facts: Muskrats live in or near water most of their lives. They make their homes in bank dens or lodges similar to those of the beaver but ...

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Where do they live? Muskrats are only native to the Nearctic region, but have been introduced to the Palearctic and Neotropical regions. They are found ...

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Indeed I've seen many a muskrat live quite happily in a beaver lodge ... Of course , muskrats do come out of the pond to eat though I've never seen them more ...

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Many people who live on or near a lake, creek, river, or body of water are ... In general, muskrats keep to themselves and don't want much to do with humans.

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Muskrat is a mammal that is closely related to voles and lemmings. ... Muskrats live in family groups composed of breeding couple and their offspring.

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A solitary dweller, it may live in a burrow in a steep bank or a reed hut built in marshy shallows. Muskrat ... Muskrats do not build dams or fell trees as do beavers.