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The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant with edible multiple fruit consisting of ... Pineapple does not ripen significantly post-harvest. .... The plant is indigenous to South America and...

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Apr 8, 2012 ... Even though pineapples are considered a fruit (and fruit generally comes from trees ... So where did pineapple come from in the first place?

Does a Pineapple Grow from a Pineapple Tree?


Pineapple Plant - Many people think that a pineapple fruit comes from a tree. Just because it is a fruit, it does not mean that it does not come from trees. Another ...

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Jul 16, 2013 ... This was super-exciting! This is the very first sweet fruit we have grown to eating- size ourselves! We live in an apartment and grew this on our ...

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Where in the world do pineapples originate from? Which countries ... The pineapple plant is a tropical fruit that is indigenous to South America. Originally coming ...

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All you really need to start growing your own pineapple farm is a pineapple and ... Pineapples DO produce seeds, and the seeds from MOST are viable. ..... yes, pineapples can be grown from seed, but you will need patience (five or more ...

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Where pineapples are grown. e-mail icon. Click on the placemarkers on the Google map below for information about the different countries that grow pineapples ...

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Certain bat-pollinated wild pineapples, members of the bromeliad family, do the ... given the first pineapple grown in England by his royal gardener, John Rose.

Pineapples Arrive in Hawaii - Social Studies for Kids


The pineapple, long a symbol of Hawaii, did not originate there. Even though Polynesians lived on Hawaii for a great many years, the pineapple is not native to  ...

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If they come right off, the pineapple is too ripe to plant. Make sure the pineapple ... If you plant the crown too early it won't do well. Press the soil firmly around the  ...

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How Do Pineapples Grow? - Live Science


Mar 31, 2014 ... Unlike most fruits, pineapples are not grown from seeds. Common commercial varieties of pineapples are "self-incompatible," meaning that the ...

It's Pineapple Season, But Does Your Fruit Come From Hawaii ...


Mar 20, 2013 ... While Hawaii was once the big kahuna in pineapple production, it's since been overtaken by other global powers.

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Read some interesting pineapple facts - learn the origin of pineapples and how ... South Pacific colonies – countries in which pineapples are still grown today.