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The Tetraodontidae are a family of primarily marine and estuarine fish of the order ... Most pufferfish species live in marine or brackish waters, but some can enter fresh ... Predators which do not heed this warning (or which are "lucky" enough to ...


There are more than 120 species of pufferfish worldwide. Most are found in tropical and subtropical ocean waters, but some species live in brackish and even ...


Pufferfish can inflate into a ball shape to evade predators. ... in tropical and subtropical ocean waters, but some species live in brackish and even fresh water .


There are more than 120 species of puffer fish which live mostly in the warm waters of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, ... Puffer fish do not have scales.


Jun 16, 2015 ... Pufferfish are characterized by long, tapered bodies, rounded heads, prominent lips and large stomachs. They do not have scales but some of ...


Puffer fish do not have scales, but instead have spines (which you may not be able to get ... A puffer fish, if kept in an ideal environment, can live up to ten years.


Jan 9, 2017 ... If however, an animal does manage to eat the puffer fish, it will often be poisoned by the toxins in the spikes or the toxin that is released from the ...


Here are some of the most significant puffer fish facts for kids including puffer fish diet, habitat, behavior, physical appearance and ... Where Do Puffer Fish Live.


According to National Geographic, puffer fish live in sub-tropical and tropical waters. In Asia, they are commonly found around Japan, China, Taiwan and the ...


Feb 7, 2017 ... Where do puffer fish live? Puffer fish are most commonly found in tropical and subtropical waters. The majority of puffer fish can be found in ...